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The symbolic message behind the hummingbird, is said to have initially come from the Nazca plains in Peru, where a giant hummingbird is carved into the ground and only recognisable from the air.
In the Maya area, a young man or woman may carry a dead hummingbird, often hidden, to attract a lover. The Incas believed that older men should eat a species of hummingbird that would revive them. There is a myth associated with the hummingbird and the warrior & sun god Huitzilopochitli (translates as hummingbird from the left of the suns path) The a€?lefta€™ refers to otherworldly realms, that run parallel to the known universe.
The warriors mother conceived him from a ball of brightly coloured feathers which feathers, fell from the sky.

It is said that the fluttering wings of the hummingbird move in the pattern of an infinity symbol.
With rapidly vibrating wingbeats, hummingbirds move instantly straight up, straight down, sideways, backwards, or upside down. Due to its ability to float and take its time drinking nectar, this bird is often thought to be a reminder that life is meant to be savoured. They can protect their territory aggressively, and they dive-bomb and outmaneuver eagles, hawks, and owls.
The bird loses a significant amount of heat at night , in order to preserve energy & seems to be dead, if found at night. A hummingbird can appear as a good-luck charm or as a kind of aphrodisiac or magic love token. In folk medicine, a hummingbird beak may be used by a curer to extract sickness - or to extract an insect from a human ear.

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So, in Cherokee myth the shaman turns himself into a hummingbird so that he can find the lost tobacco plant.
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