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Getting a tattoo on your skin is a big decision and choosing the right place on your body is also important. You may think that the pain for making such a tattoo is bigger, in fact is has the same intensity like on any other tattoos. It’s an area with thin skin tissue, with many veins and for sure it hurts when you are getting a tattoo in this area.
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Normally the design of tattoo on the inside lower lip is small, because of the small area and in majority of the time it’s people choose to tattoo a word. Some choose to ink them on their back, arms, chest, feet, but others choose a very different place on their body, more unique. These tattoos are not permanent, they can last from 1 to 5 years and they constantly need touch ups.
The tongue is a very sensitive organ so you should think twice and do your research before getting one.
Probably the weirdest places place tattoos are in ones mouth, inside lip, tongue, tattoo on the palate, teeth, eyeball.  Imagine the pain when just the idea of a tattoo in the mouth hurts.

Without the touch ups, they can last for a small period of time, we are talking about a few months.
It’s important to have a lip tattoo done by a professional artist that knows about this type of design of tattoo and is very careful during the tattooing process.

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