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California Ralph began his tattooing career at West Coast Tattoo with Tennessee Dave and Captain Jim.
I get all kinds of different reactions from my tattoos, where people are intrigued, or for some reason completely offended … fuck them. I started tattooing on and off — me and my homies, tattooing each other with homemade tattoo guns — and I tattooed in prison also.
Instead, he decided to open shop in a town with great potential and, more importantly, a great need for a professional tattoo parlour.
In July of 2011 California Emporium of Tattoos closed its doors and Victory Blvd Tattoo was established.
Just being a li’l trouble-making kid, getting my ‘hood tatted on me, which led me to spend a lot of my life in and out of jail, getting tatted in there and, now that I’m older, a lot of those tattoos are fucked up, so I’ve lasered a few and got homies like Ruger & Norm tattooing me now.

People in NY have been “customizing” Nike dunks for ever, but I’ve never seen a cholo edge brought to fashion, cut-and-sow and hand customization, talk about this? In 1975 Ralph was offered a job at the Long Beach Pike, the most prestine place in the U.S.
We are in the same location as California Emporium and provide the same friendly, professional service that Ralph built his shop on back in 1992. My graffiti crews are just that — groups of family ‘n’ homies that paint and enjoy writing our names on shit.
But my homie Crash Manson had the idea for us to put it on Cortez, and his lady got the talent to sew on there. Over the next 19 years California Emporium thrived and produced some of the best tattoos and tattooers in the area.

California Ralph seemed most content reminiscing about his time spent at the World Famous Tattoo Emporium, which was located on Victory Blvd. I’m in the beginning stages, but trying to get these shirts, hats and shoes out there for people to be rocking. For this reason the name Victory Blvd Tattoo was chosen in homage to our friend and mentor California Ralph.

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