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Welcome to my store , from now on ,order any tattoo products can get a free electronic tattoo  manuscript.(about 16pcs books)leave your email for us , we will send it to your email,thank you so much! These professional grade stainless steel bugpin magnums are designed to enhance the elegance of any tattoo. This is the main define statement for the page for english when no template defined file exists. Smaller bugpin needles are used to attain even more detail than standard needles during a tattoo session.

Please note that bugpin needle configurations are smaller and fit two needle sizes smaller on tips. For example, 9mag bugpin needles fit in a 7mag tube and 17mag bugpin needles fit in a 15mag tube. Many other manufacturers especially on ebay have a cheap cost cutting method for sealing needles in blisters which makes removing needles from the blisters a real chore. We, on the other hand, have addressed this issue by using a special easy-rip consistent US glue and US sterilization paper.

Our needles are produced to the best in quality and are manufactured with more consistency than other tattoo supply companies.

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