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Although you might not have found your perfect tattoo in the list above, you are no doubt starting to visualize one.
I am looking for the album that has the cover on teh inside of the album holding the album, well if you got if wet it would turn a color. The music sounds distorted and out of tune plus you can hear someone coughing in the background.
Clip art illustration of a simple, decorative heart design that could be used for Valentines, Wedding invitations or anything else romantic.

I like this one but the problem is that a crown needs to be symmetrical and on such a large scale it can be hard. Men who are getting this tattoo are capturing something of the exotic in their skin and also something with hidden meaning and a bit of mystery. David Boreanaz (star of Angel) has some on the inside of both wrists; Johnny Rzeznik (of the Goo Goo Dolls) has kanji for love, dreams, discipline, faith, truth, and greatness!
I want a crown because it is a reminder that I am the king of my own consciousness and essentially the whole world as I know it and see it.

Up close, it looks like a newborn baby in a bubble, but if you step back a bit, it looks like an eye and if you step further back it is an orange galaxy that looks like an eye.

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