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In creating the illustrations for the book Ornamental Archive, I sought out to create a useful reference guide for myself and other tattooers, designers, and craftspeople who were interested in ornament. Ornamental Archive is a 50-plus page book of full-color originals with complimenting line art for each illustration. Whatever challenges may arise, I’m confident that the book and the rewards will be delivered as promised and the quality will be exceptional. A henna tattoo will last on your skin for two or three weeks and then will fade off on its own.
The owl tattoos depicted above are rich in their meaning and essence, and so can be worn to express a variety of human emotions. Sets are groups of tattoos you have saved in your favorites, you can create as many sets as you want to organize your tattoos. Comic book, comic book, comic book tattoos, tattoos, tattoo designs, tattoo pictures, tribal.
I tried to think up alternative solutions to ornamental design challenges I had faced in the past.

The book is separated into frames, flourishes, elements, medallions and a few special extras. After henna paste dries on your skin, just brush it off and try not to wet the area for as long as possible.
Although not considered to be a mainstream tattoo by many, owl tattoos are currently becoming very popular and they can be worn by both sexes. We’ve done quite a bit of research on printers and have found a reliable printing company with a stellar recommendation from several prominent tattooers who have used them in the past for art books.
They are being shipped from overseas (sorry America, I tried), so the International shipping could slow things down. These tattoos are very symbolic in nature as owls are traditionally associated with wisdom and learning.
We discussed the options and eventually decided on a reference image for the ship The tattoo would span the entire length of his shin and I would need to invent a way to create a border for the piece. As far as the rewards go, we have already ordered the stickers, limited edition screen-prints and the laser-engraved skull cut-outs.

While heena paste is applied, take a cotton ball and dab a little lemon-sugar glaze to keep the henna moist.
In some cultures, the owl has also been considered as the guardian and protector of the dead. I had recently picked up a vintage oval mirror with intricately carved ornaments on the frame and as I was trying to think of a great concept for the client, my eyes settled on the ornamental mirror and I instantly knew what to do. Sometimes they are also combined with a number of other symbols to further elaborate its depth of meaning.

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