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Thus the choice of a genital tattoo is often considered to be decorative in nature for many.
Genital tattoos are often incorporated into the creation of a design where the penis for example, becomes a part of the overall motif. Research has shown that genital tattoos, have a sexual aspect which is often sidelined or ignored. Despite the practice of tattooing witnessing an upsurge in popularity, particularly in the West, this tattooing technique is relatively esoteric and revered by those who believe in its significance. One would find that imitations of pubic hair is not rare and signifies the human body as an art form, regardless of whether or not the body part in contention is a sensitive, private and controversial one.

Similarly, women have created designs on their vaginas, where they have managed to incorporate tattoo designs such as faces and animals.
Genital tattooing is considered to be largely in a BDSM context in sex where it denotes the ownership of submissive partner over a dormant one.
Propaconents or advocates of this form of art, point out that it is exciting given that the genital areas of the human body are considered to be extremely sensitive to begin with. Enhancing the image of one’s genitals or creating whimsical designs are other reasons for the pursuance of such an interesting practice. Fervent practitioners of sexual intercourse with an aesthetic sense about the entire practice often highlight or point at genital tattoos as a manner of expressing the nature of their sexual relationships.

Thus it can be safely said that genital tattoos are not only an art form but denote a multitude of meanings.

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