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Mark"I have the highest respect for the skilled wet-fly fisherman, as he has mastered an art of very great difficulty." Edward R.
Most Recent Posts A site worth staying with.In General Discussion by PESCATORERe: No picture but bare with me!In the Identify This! So, the powers that be in Madang, in their infinite wisdom, have promulgated many rules to try to stop the spread.
They have set up an illegal betelnut market (called buai  in Pidgin) not fifty metres from our office. If you’ve never had the delight of walking (very carefully) around in a tropical area where people are defecating all over the place, believe me, you can forgo the experience with no great loss. In the summer of 1976, back when we had some money, I went out one morning and bought a new Corvette Stingray.
By the way, where IS Buka Malai, the man who was elected by the people of Madang to represent them? I’ve gotten a few comments lately testily proclaiming that if I wanted to complain, then I should go back to where I came from. This is the drain that is supposed to take all of the rainwater from the area and dump it without ceremony into the sea.
First we tear everything up really thoroughly (the lids for the drain laying scattered about on the right making nice big ditches for the pedestrians to fall into). I don’t know if those responsible for our decaying town, once one of the most beautiful in the South Pacific, are incompetents, fools, crooks, lazy do-nothings, or all of the above. My first and only foray into the underbelly of Facebook was when I took the quintessential What Kind of BadA** Are You?  quiz myself. So, now we know that type of people who produce these scatological tidbits,  but who consumes them? Well, I did a scientific survey of all of humankind to determine those who are most likely to succumb to the temptation to narcissistically force down other peoples’ throats information such as, what colour am I, what kind of underwear would I be, or if I were a root vegetable, what variety would I be? I know that someone is going to ask, so I’m the one behind my sister, Agnes, staring fixedly at a horse fly which landed on the lampshade.
Now, of course, I can’t let this go before I tell you the quizzes that I would like to see. I think I’ve mentioned before how much I love rib tattoos, and this one really reminds me of another great rib tattoo we posted a long time ago. I spent ten years in Littleton and frequented many of the spots you mentioned; the South Platte being closest to home. I'm planning on getting one similar on my bicep and was wondering how much that cost you to get done. The problem is that nobody is out there checking to see if anybody at all is paying attention. Especially since town water has been only occasionally available for several days, nobody is paying much attention to washing their hands. My fight is with Detroit (Okay, okay, US auto makers and all the hangers-on who prosper by the continuing excesses of the industry). Where IS the K35,000 (make that K35,000,000 – thanks for pointing out the mistake, Phil Manley) that was promised to begin to renew Madang to its former beauty and functionality.

Most of these are so poorly written or full of foul language that I do not allow them to appear as comments.
It was, of course, exactly what we expected after observing the work, or rather the lack thereof, over the last few weeks. We’ve been complaining, along with everybody else, to the deaf ears of the town management that it is plugged up. A few weeks ago I saw a huge character standing out in the street bossing a bunch of skinny kids with buckets and shovels. The huge gap in the road that I described in Insect Authority is still there also, along with thousands of new axle-bending potholes in all of our streets. You dislike quizzes, do not take them on principle, and would dearly love to never see one again. You despise them with a furious passion and have discovered how to heartlessly bludgeon them into submission. I don’t want to take them, I just want to see how many fuzzy numbskulls out there do.
The younger generation is open-minded, politically aware, free-spirited, and each has a consciousness which has been expanded to the approximate size of Tasmania. This is going to be short, because I can’t stay on line with the decades-old copper wires that Telikom laughingly calls a phone system.
In the end he knew there was truly only one choice, and that was to combine them into the most fearsome trout you have ever seen! It’s really not surprising though, fly fishermen are some of the most dedicated anglers around! I have found a guy who does wonderful trout tats and has offered me a discount if I were to go up to Canada and go fly fishing. Your best defense from cholera is to stay clean, especially the places that count, drink no water that’s contaminated and do not eat food that might be contaminated. So, the guy shown above goes to the toilet and, guess what, he doesn’t have any toilet paper and no clean water is in sight. Passenger cars with engines producing in excess of 300 HP have no place in the rational world today. I did manage to find Amanda Watson’s prescription sunglasses for her when she did the same thing. Nearly all give false email addresses, so I can only assume that the writers are too cowardly to confront me publicly. I moaned about this back in July, showing you Lake Madang and The Big Hole in which it lives. Two of my close family, in fact, are feeble minded imbeciles and take Facebook quizzes at every opportunity. Then you bludgeon it to death with one click of the mouse (powerful stuff!) and you will never see that quiz again.
Okay, they gave us some fancy little (cheap) desktop wireless phones that are supposed to connect us to the internet also. Trying to decide what to get permanently marked on your body is a fairly difficult decision, unless of course you have had one too many drinks.

I’ve spent the month of March up on the Roaring Fork and Frying Pan for the last ten years.
Then he goes back to his little store of death and picks up a buai  nut and hands it to you. It seems nobody else has either since he escaped rotting Madang for the sweet life in Moresby. Aside from having a very cute belly, she has one of the finest tribal tattoos that I’ve seen.
It’s been fixed for about three weeks now and nobody has bothered to call the town managers to thank them.
I’ve pointed them out here in a candid snap taken after a recent drunken brawl following a family discussion of the implications of the correlation between phases of the moon and the number of containers that fall off of ships. Check out these awesome tats!!Simple but still elaborate.mysterytackleboxThis one shows the fight of a big bass well! I am also planning on getting a mayfly on my ring finger to show the girls where my priorities lie, just so there is no confusion when and if she says yes haha.
I decided that what I needed  was a way to get from Point A to Point B with the minimum of fuss and expense. Cars look pretty much the same today because they are all up against the same physics of streamlining. Usually it only takes a facial expression or a gesture of the hand to let her know what I want her to do.
If you want to tell me that I have no right to speak on these issues, then save your breath, because you are wrong, wrong, wrong!
Two years ago I had some of the greatest fishing in my life on the Fork it beat the heck out of the Pan. Wether I am a citizen or not – whether I was born here or not, if I am to be a responsible member of this culture then it is my duty to observe the good and the bad.
Thad started writing Facebook quizzes after his hospital recuperation from injuries sustained in a bar fight. The local manager Mike Yandt (yes, I’m naming manes) told me on Monday morning that he would have my phone at home fixed the next morning.
If you veer far from the theoretical ideal to achieve a particular look, you’ll loose points for fuel efficiency.
My journal is full of praise for the blessed paradise in which I’m privileged to live. Therefore, the more aerodynamically efficient cars become, the more they will look the same. Nevertheless, I would not be a good member of this society if I simply overlooked the things that obviously need to be fixed.

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