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Visit our eBay temporary tattoos store for reduced prices and package deals – limited time only. Items available: DIY temporary tattoo paper, Disney, Marvel, Kids, Australian Flags and many more.
However, if you don’t set it up as a “MIRROR IMAGE” then the tattoo will appear reversed from the original design when you actually put it on the skin. Important: You should feed your printer one sheet at a time to avoid jamming the printer since this paper is thicker than regular paper.
Peel back one corner of the sheet, in order to expose the adhesive and then separate the two sheets.
IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING DIY TEMPORARY TATTOO PAPER & ADHESIVES PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US. Freedom Tattoos is a new charity project set up by by Poland’s Pedagogium The College of Social Sciences and ad agency Isobar Poland.

They want to help ex-cons to return back to society by covering tattoos they got in prison with professionally created ones. Each temporary tattoo sheet comes with 17 cute baby designs, so everyone can join in the fun! So, it’s always best to do this step if you want the design to look the same on the skin as it does on your computer. Use your scissors to cut around each tattoo design, keeping as close as possible to the tattoo.
When choosing a place to apply your skin tattoo, you should try to choose one that is free of body hair. Wait until ink is fully dry (about 2-3 minutes) before you touch the temporary tattoo paper sheet.
The cover-ups tend to be better looking, perhaps more colourful and of a higher quality than their prison ink.

Designs are theme-based (kids, boys, girls, adults etc.) and are chosen randomly from our inventory of stock designs. When the paper is thoroughly wet (you will be able to see the tattoo image through the tattoo paper), remove the paper to reveal the temporary tattoo. The emphasis of the charity is not on the mistakes they have made in their past, but more on their own personal growth and rehabilitation.

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