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The nape of the neck onwards the skin is soft and supple intricate and scattered design is possible. The demon breathing fire is a symbol of evil, cruelty, imbalance of power, and intimidation.
Hieroglyphics resting on flowers show how deep love makes for a contented life and everlasting happiness. Humanoids, flora and fauna living together in harmony are portrayed well in this multi-hued tattoo. The Mayan calendar has attractive symbols to depict the stars and planets that are part of the design. The woven design structure is not just for beautification but also for protection from evil spirit and health well-being.
Ancient astrology was a sophisticated art of the Mayans with the Sun at the center of all life forms. Tattooer as a profession requires firm hands and focused eye and fingers coordination to create the art work. This sacred tattoo has explicit lines and curves with the focus in the centre at facial expressions of a humanoid.
Most of this collection are indeed perfect but there are some that doesn’t look nice at all.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Sets are groups of tattoos you have saved in your favorites, you can create as many sets as you want to organize your tattoos. Inspiring animal art for inking and photo-realistic shading - a friendly, calm wolf's face, half in black, half in white.
Amazing abstract black and white feather wings tattoo idea for men and women, it’s masculine and feminine the same time, ya’ll absolutely love this design on upper arms, shoulder or back. Incredibly cool painting of two dragons (ash black and snow white) in harmony holding the glowing sphere of Yin Yang symbol in the center. The killing dragon of Death in black and the healing Dragon of life in white, perfect for shaded tattoos for girls. Two birds in subtle black and white feathers, with big eyes, perfect illustration for tattoo or as paining for interior decoration, to bring balance between Night and Day. In vintage warm summer colors with dark and light shades, very feminine design for girls with dragonflies, heart shapes, plants, and butterly. Fearsome roaring tiger against the all mighty dragon in this traditional Chinese Yin and Yang art concept pencil drawing.
Delicate and pretty drawing of a green peacock feather and white flower in the shape of Yin Yang, perfect as feminine tattoo idea inspiration for women. Great matching tattoo idea for yourself or with others you love, with perfectly balancing positive energy from the heat of the Sun during hot day and negative cooling energy from the Moon during cold night with stars. Breath taking, incredibly beautiful, almost whole body yin yang tattoo design depicting a tree of life in a gorgeous story telling artwork.
Another charming and pretty pink flower idea with black and white Feng Shui circle in the middle representing the perfect harmony of matter and spirit in your inner feminine nature.
Beautiful classic black and white koi painting of two fishes swimming in opposite directions, signifying Matter and Spirit, perfect as large tattoo on the back of the body. In cartoon style we have hot orange sun with cold white moon, in light blue sky morning glory and dark night with stars. The Tao of Pug awesome ink idea by artist Gemma Correll - for those of you looking for something different and unique on arms or shoulders, a point of conversation with friends. Great black ink tree tattoo design for both men and women, in balancing day and night with Sun rising above and Moon falling below, in doodle artwork style. Beautiful and black and white outline drawing of henna scroll pattern, lovely design for girls.

Very cool black and white tattoo idea for soul mates or to remind you of best friendship and harmonious relationship between the two of you, in Oriental style. Positive and negative forces swirling within the whole in perfect balance of Hot an Cold, fire and water elements in this colorful art, good idea for your gang, bikers and people who love leather jackets. Love this heart and yin yang design, they go together really well with that floral pattern and thin black lines. You can both get colorful tattoos of a lock with wings inked on your upper back just below your neck.
If you both love fantasy you can get elaborate and colorful fantasy theme tattoos for your arms.
A text with a love message for him and a key design for you can be perfect couples tattoos. Halves of a meaningful love message on your wrist can complete a beautiful ‘you and me’ tattoo. Your partner’s name on your ring finger, and the same for your partner, can be powerful tattoos. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
Tattoos are an important tool for customizing your looks and getting a new touch to your personality. A tattoo that is created keeping a woman’s body and personality in mind should definitely have a feminine touch. The triangle and heart bring out powerful emotions of love and beauty in this simple foot-tattoo. Using finger patterns and the feminine touch in a great coordination, this small piece of art looks all innovative and sweet. Apart from dark outlines which are awesome, wholly colored tattoos can also look great if you know how to combine subtle colors. Floral and subtle artistic designs are something that fit greatly with the feminine beauty.
The charming lady on the back evokes the beauty and power of the feminine, something that every woman feels proud of.
Abstract tattoos related to nature and evoking emotions have traditionally been appreciated more by women. Displaying power and vengeance, small creatures like spiders evoke the hidden power of females.
Highly innovative in approach and design, this tattoo combines feathers and birds, two essential elements of tattoos for women. Symmetrical and charming, designs like this are pretty conventional and do not evoke any specific emotion. Hats off to the tattooist for using the body pattern marvelously to bring out a nice couple on the lady’s hands.
Simple and creative, this tattoo combines power with pink, perhaps unarguably the most feminine color. Creative and a mark of hidden emotions, this tattoo evokes the feelings and emotions of the wearer. Flies and flowers have always appealed to women, probably because of their never-ending relationship.
This is a perfect example showing how tattoos for women contain floral designs to the maximum extent. Combining birds and flowers, the nice touch of blue in this tattoo makes it extra attractive.
A back can be used for several small tattoos too but it’s usually great to go for one powerful tattoo on the side. In all there are 19 symbols synonymous with various personality types, life attitudes and wishes inherent in the person. Mayans outlook was that tattooing body with graphics of God and nature imbibed inner peace and brought prosperity to the owner.

It was at that time a kind of language that conveyed the feelings of the person to society members.
The reposing Emperor in his full regalia is a symbol of high position, honor, and control even after life. This Mayan jaguar is a symbol of strength and aggression, offset by delicate designs and flowers in a contrasting color.
Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. This cherry blossom tree separates two worlds, one is in hot Summer time, full of light and sun's heat, in bright yellow and warm orange colors with red burning Sun.
I love strong straight lines and shading combined with soft rounded curves of the Feng Shui circle, making it appear like superman sign with unlimited power and strength within, balancing the Passive and Active core.
The burning red fire and the dark black reptile scale go really well with the symbol in the middle, reminds me of Mortal Combat series. Unique Couple Tattoo Design Ideas You'll Love.10 Stunning Outdoor Deck Lighting Ideas For Your Dream Home Patio Design40 Cute Baby Photos Ideas. You can choose something saying ‘Always with you’ on your fingers, or words from a religious book on your arm. Tattoos have been used for ages, and with changing fashion trends they have evolved substantially in terms of usage, types and inferences. It should evoke gentleness and serenity, while at the same time portraying the power inside.
The reddish appearance (probably because the shot is taken just after inking the tattoo) makes it look more natural.
Wings have been used to denote power and fierceness for centuries both by men and women alike. With random designs flooding the market, they still don’t seem to lose their popularity and shine. This tattoo personifies the Sun as the relentless, invincible controller of humans and the Earth. The other is Winter, cold, with Northern lights, dark blue sky, mountains, pine trees and large Moon in starry night sky. I'm feeling a relaxed mood, at ease, very peaceful and tranquil by just contemplating this painting.
If fun is more your idea of being a couple, you can show it with tattoos like ‘Hello Kitty’ in colors of red and green, for your partner and you.
Beauty is perhaps the most noticeable feature of the fairer sex, and tattoos for women should be able to accentuate that.
It has sunrise and sunset and looks likes fairy tale fantasy world painting tattooed on the upper back of the body. If you want to celebrate that you belong together you can also get tattoos that are identical and matched in every detail. To celebrate your journey together you can also go for a special anniversary couples tattoo.
In present times many parlors specialize in this field and carry out work with cleanliness and extreme sterility. Mayans believed that west stood for dying God because it is here light fuses with darkness. You can get colorful tattoos that spread all over your arms, or a simple matching pair in one color to express your life together.

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