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Millionaires singer Melissa Marie Green is working on a full sleeve on her right arm and has other smaller tattoos scattered all over her body. Melissa added the first large piece to sleeve in August 2013, though she didn’t have it colored until much later. Melissa had another outline added to her sleeve by Jesse Mora in August 2013, this time of a pair of flamingos on her forearm.
Artist Mikey Tedesco added a few pieces to Melissa Marie Green’s sleeve during a two-day session in December 2013. In March 2012 Melissa tattooed her knuckles on one hand with ultraviolet ink, only visible under UV light. Melissa and her boyfriend Oscar Wylde got matching red heart tattoos on the insides of their ring fingers in November 2013.
Melissa Marie Green got a large pink and red rose with leaves tattooed on the side of her neck by artist Mikey Tedesco in August 2014. Because lip tattoos wear off easily, Melissa had this tattoo retouched in January 2011 while her sister Allison Green was getting her first tattoo (see Allison’s tattoos).

In May and June 2013 Melissa Marie Green got three tattoos by different artists in quick succession. I have nothing against these girls,but is that really something you want for the rest of your life?
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It’s a queen of hearts playing card with a rose at the bottom, outlined by Jesse Mora. She had fake tattoos in the same location for the cover of Millionaires’ Cash Only EP.

Business Never Quits is a slogan often used by the Millionaires and Allison has it tattooed on her foot.
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