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Ever since the first line of ink was added to the first tattoo, artist have known the importance of choosing a tattoo font that fits in correctly with the theme and mood of a design.
You should use a tattoo font that is seen as something that is inspirational or uplifting right? Choosing the suitable tattoo font for you next piece of body ink can be a daunting and sometimes challenging task.
Tattoo fonts are a design element that can add pizazz and flair to just about any body art. In this picture we have a set of tattoo fonts, meaning the size and style of lettering that we may or may not choose to be part of a tattoo that we get.
A lot of people underestimate the importance of the lettering and the tattoo font used but trust me it’s very important. Block tattoos are done with a simple outline first and then the artist shades in the color.

Although to call this tattoo fonts is a bit misleading because what this is actually just one tattoo font. A lot of tattoos include things to say like someone’s name, a birth date, a poem, a line from a song and who knows what all.
And not only are their different styles but there are also different forms such as fine and block tattoo fonts.
Everything on the sheet is one font in capitols, in smaller case letters and in numerical digits from zero to nine. But, with a little patience and some elbow grease then your sure to find the tattoo font that suits your needs.
Every respectable tattoo artist should have a book containing the pictures of some of the designs he has worked on. Another thing to consider is rather or not the lettering is even vital to the importance of the tattoo.

A fine tattoo font is just a line so there is only the possibility of one color, though it can be adorned with other elements such as flowers and such. Now what font it is exactly we do not know but one can tell it is something from the world of old England. Examples of fine tattoos would include things such as Asian lettering and Old English calligraphy. And when you have your font picked out and an artist chosen, talk to him about what can be done with the design.
But, if you want somebodies name inked into your skin then your going to have to put it in lettering and as such pick out an appropriate font.

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