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A cool and stylish way to express one’s love and passion is to get a tattoo carved on one’s body. Music lovers and musician get the treble clef tattoo on their body parts to express their love and passion. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Infinity Symbol Tattoo, Yin Yang Tattoos, Hourglass Tattoos and Tear Drop Tattoos. Music In My Veins This is the meaning of the treble heart symbol carved on the slender forearm of the girl. Sober Side Piece Done with light blue ink, this treble clef with music note, sitting on the ribs, looks very sweet.
Bold Clef Tattoo This treble clef tattoo has a flashy and neat look that displays a fabulous aura, sitting on the back of the girl. Treble Clef Foot Tattoo The cute and curvy treble clef symbol sitting on the petite foot of the girl looks very charming. Forearm Tattoo Done in a fine manner with half thick and half thin lines, the treble clef symbolizes the wearer’s love for music.
Musician Tattoo Carved on the edge of the wrist, this treble clef inspires the musician and also works as a sort of identity card. Music Inside Me This tattoo with broken patches in between stands for the desire of the wearer to learn music that has not been fulfilled till date. Love Hearing Music The treble clef symbol carved behind the ear represents the music lover inside the woman.
Musical Heart Cool and creative treble clef tattoo piece that shows where the heart of the wearer lies. Slim Musical Tattoo Very simple and slender, the treble clef stands for the simplicity with which music slips into our hearts. Hunger For Music Carved on the center of the back, this large treble clef represents the big appetite this wearer has for music.

Treble clef Gift The girl got this first tattoo as a musical treat to herself on her 18th birthday. Twin Musical Tattoos The F clef and the G clef sitting on both the wrists have got a pretty and neat touch that looks cute. Symbolic Wrist Tattoo This tattoo is a symbol of the musical shine that has made many singers a star.
An Ear For Music The flowing musical notations towards the ear starting from the treble clef stand for the person’s rich musical taste. Amazing Tattoo Piece The swallow escaping through the treble clef is a symbol of the freedom and bliss music brings to the listeners as well as singers.
Treble Bass Clef Heart Tattoo This tattoo, resting on the wrist, represents the wearer’s passion for music that throbs in his heart and pulse.
Clef Tattoos Another music lover with the treble and bass clef symbol carved on his wrist that embodies his enthusiasm for music. Music Is My Life The girl is an avid music lover and to express her intense passion she got a tattoo for herself. Arm Tattoo This musical tattoo, carved on the arm of the musician, is a symbol of the fragrance with which his life is always blooming.
Finger Tattoo A pianist with a simple treble clef on his finger that always reminds him to give his best during the performances.
Lovely Foot Tattoo The treble and bass clef symbol entwined together create a cute tattoo design that looks charming.
Tiny Treble Tattoo Created on the nape, this small treble clef tattoo, represents the girl’s love for music.
Ankle Tattoo This treble clef bass heart symbol exhibits a lovely and catchy look that gets more appealing with the every step the wearer takes. Music Maniac Tattoo This girl is crazy after music and got a treble clef behind her ear to symbolize that same involvement.

Musical Appetite Treble clef with music notes, done on the side of the stomach, is an indicator of the wearer’s craving for music.
Leg Tattoo This colorful musical tattoo, carved on the leg, stands for the harmonious steps a man must take to lead his life. Terrific Treble Tattoo Framed by a star, this treble clef symbol depicts the shining aura of music that always uplifts our mood. Cool Treble Clef Tattoo Exhibiting a greenish-yellow shade, this expansive treble clef tattoo looks pretty cool.
Chest Tattoo Small treble clef symbol resting on the chest that depicts how close the girl is to music.
This tattoo has also got a very nice beautiful touch and therefore, people who like its display also get it just for aesthetic reasons. Tattoos are matrices that can create wonderful body arts giving vent to your feelings and emotions, passions and likings and all. If you are also interested in music and want to express your love for the same then getting a treble clef tattoo would be a fabulous idea. One example of a beautiful tattoo that depicts one’s love for music is the treble clef tattoo.
Here, we have created a collection of 30 treble clef tattoos to give you ideas regarding the placement and designs.
The treble clef refers to the musical symbol that is used by musicians in the form of notations.

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