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Trees have a symbolic and rich historical significance in many cultures; having been mentioned in myths and revered in many religions. Tattoo world is growing day by day; the artists are so talented that they can draw anything and everything on a person’s body. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Dove Tattoos, Back Tattoos for Women, Feather Tattoos, and Shoulder Tattoos for Women. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. The Celtic tree of life tattoo symbolizes this ancient culture's views on spirituality and the connection between heaven and earth. To the Celts, trees weren't just plants, they were highly spiritual beings that bridged between the worlds.
It's also interesting to note that although the Celts believed in the tree of life, it wasn't until around 800 A.D. The Celts held that there were seven forms of life, and any or all can be incorporated somewhere within the tree to create a very vivid design. When you're working with a knot work tattoo design, it's often best to stick with a single color in light and dark values so you don't loose the essence of the knots themselves.
Since this tattoo literally cries out for details, it usually winds up being a bigger piece than the average tattoo. The following websites have a number of tree of life designs you can contemplate to gain inspiration for your personal tattoo. Tree of life designs may all have some basic elements in common, but you can use your individual sense of style to make your own tattoo special. They symbolize the cycle of life with the withering of leaves in the winter, and the rejuvenation of flowers and leaves in the Spring. Having a tree of life tattoo will solve two purposes, firstly the tree is going to give your tattoo a fuller look and the second is that you are going to have something very meaningful plus artistic on your body. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. In many tattoos, the branches and the roots entwine around each other to form an unbroken ring of knots that frames the entire work of art. Imagine a gnarled trunk that, on closer inspection, reveals the withered face of a man or woman. However, you might want to consider going the fantasy route and make use of a rainbow of colors in your design.
This makes it a good candidate for a back or chest mural so you can take advantage of the larger canvas.

Rather than copy one outright, try to put your own spin on it or give your tattoo artist the freedom to modify the design for you. If you're interested as well and would like to know more about design choices, here's where you need to be. In Celtic tradition, it is said that trees were the ancestors of mankind, as they had spirits and were living beings. The interconnection is shown with long branches and roots mingling with each other at some point. The best place to have this tattoo made is the rib cage and having a colored one is definitely a better option. Its roots were set in the underworld, its branches stretched high into heaven, and its trunk existed in the earthly plane. In other designs, the roots and branches form separate bundles of knots connected only by a twisted trunk. This would look especially good if you decide you really do want to incorporate creatures and other enhancements to your basic tree.
That said, it is possible to create a simpler and therefore smaller design that will fit on an upper arm or ankle. This way, you respect the original artist's work, and you won't wind up with the exact same tattoo as someone else.
This tree of life tattoo is very interesting as well as it gives you an out of the box cool look. So, if you have made up your mind to have this design inked on your body then just scroll down for 15 amazing tattoo arts in this pattern.
The Druids believed the tree was a conduit between the worlds and that the gods used it to communicate with the humans below.
Hence getting a tree tattoo would have various meanings and look great on any part of the body. These are the main elements of the design, but you can be as creative as you want with the details. As you can imagine, there's no shortage of combinations you can use to make your tree of life tattoo different from any other you've ever seen.
The meaning of these tattoos doesn't define who you are; it's actually the other way round.
You are someone who gives significance to your tattoos.There are tons of options for tree tattoo with animals. While inking dark-colored or black birds, it provides a sense of mystery, secrets, and the unknown.

If you look at the design carefully, you'll see that the birds aren't flying away from the tree; despite the tree almost dying, the birds stay close by.
Despite the tree being leafless, the curvaceous figure of the woman makes it lively and attractive. There is no requirement for complicated sketching, and once the tattoo is finished, the design looks fabulous.
Since the design appears in a circular shape, it can be said that the tattoo speaks of eternity.
If this tattoo is what you're looking for, you can even add roots to the design in a spiral shape to give it a more spiritual and symbolic appeal.Tree tattoos have varied connotations behind them, depending on who wears them. Many people like to convey the message of wisdom, strength, growth, beauty, and protection. With all the positive messages this design portrays, you can definitely pick it for yourself. It is said that the goddesses Ishtar, Astarte, Nut, and Hathor considered the palm tree to be sacred. The fruit was used to keep the souls of the dead in a semi-animated state, since the dead would have a chance to receive their fate in the Underworld. In the old times, Roman warriors were welcomed back on the beds of palm leaves after their battles.Even though trees symbolize rejuvenation, new life, and renewal, many people are drawn towards getting a tattoo of a leafless tree. The meanings behind these designs may vary, depending on the ones who choose to get them inked on themselves. The raw projection of the branches and the trunk is quite fascinating, and it gives a dramatic effect to the entire tattoo.Last, but certainly not the least, a colorful tree design is also very popular. You can use the design as it is, or add more leaves to make the tree look fuller, more livelier. The concept of new beginnings, strength, eternity, and life is not lost here.If you are new to the tattoo art, you can get a small tree tattoo on the wrist or the foot or even your neck. If you like to have big and majestic designs, you can get them done on your back, lower back, stomach, arm, or your hip.
Whenever you get a tattoo, regardless of its size, make sure you take proper care of it so it looks good and does not pose a health problem for you. Do your research for an experienced tattoo artist and be sure that you pick the right design, for you.

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