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Capricorn tattoos are sported by men and women who are born between December 22nd and January 19th, i.e. The Taurus tattoos presented here are quite dynamic and forceful, and would look good on both sexes.
Sometimes, a simple and uncomplicated tattoo can look more appealing or cute than the one with intrinsic designs and patterns. The popularity of tattoos seems to be increasing day by day, and so is the number of people eager to experiment with this ancient, but still cherished body art.
With increasing popularity of flower symbolism, flower tattoos have become a craze, especially among women who prefer delicate feminine designs. It is ruled by the planet Venus, and as such is associated with the concepts of properties, money, the arts as well as sensual pleasures. However, not everyone likes to invest a lot of time in the large and bold tattoos with intricate designs. But the shooting star is usually associated with success, luck, and 'wishes coming true', while the nautical star was once used by the sailors as a symbol of protection and guidance. The way an ugly caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly is seen as a symbol of rebirth and transformation.
Some of the most commonly used flowers for making tattoos are roses, lotus, lilies, cherry blossoms, sunflower, peonies, and daisies.
However, before going for a zodiac tattoo, you may want to have some basic knowledge about the 12 zodiac signs, and the colors and elements associated with them. Besides them, you can find out many other simple, yet elegant designs, like the dragonfly, fairies, simple tribal tattoos, and the sun and angel tattoos to name a few.

Like the constellation of Capricornus, the zodiac is represented by the sign of the goat whose lower parts are like that of a fish or mermaid. Taurus individuals are known to be quite stubborn, bull-headed (much like their sign), determined and strong-willed.
Moreover, if the tattoos do not turn out to be what they expected, then imagine all the trouble that has to be taken for its removal. This is because the nautical or the north star was the only means in those days, with which the sailors and travelers could find their route. For example, the Latin cross is the religious symbol of Christianity, and is perfect for someone wanting to express his or her religious belief. There are four elements - earth, wind, water, and fire, which are associated with each specific zodiac sign.
No matter what type of tattoo you choose to adorn your body, be sure to select the right color combination to enhance its visual appeal, along with the perfect design that can make it a style statement. Ruled by the planet Saturn, individuals born under this sign are known to be rock-solid, stable, strong willed, independent, confident, ambitious and always looking to better themselves. This is the reason why so many people like to go for the designs that look attractive, and express a lot without being conspicuous. A winged heart, a bleeding heart, a heart with a dagger, or the Celtic heart are some good examples of simple heart tattoos. For example, roses speak about love and passion, while lotus symbolizes spirituality in both Indian and Chinese culture. They are also very calm, hardworking, shrewd, responsible, practical, persistent, cautious and resourceful.

Cherry blossoms are usually used in Asian tattoo designs, and they stand for love, beauty, and transitivity of life. Apart from the Latin cross, you can go for the Celtic cross, pre-Christian cross, Gothic cross, and tribal cross tattoos. So, you may like to combine the element and the color with the specific zodiac sign to create a unique tattoo for yourself.
Butterfly tattoos can look really beautiful, if they are combined with flowers, leaves, and tendrils.
Zodiac tattoos worn by Capricorn people usually depict the Capricorn glyph, the constellation Capricornus, the word Capricorn, and the symbol of the goat drawn in a number of ways. However, a simple butterfly tattoo can also look fascinating, especially when it is placed on the ankle or the shoulder. Both traditional black ink as well as other colorful shades can be used to create these designs. Alternatively, one may also want to sport a design that has a circle topped by a crescent-shaped U. Other popular Taurus tattoo designs include the constellation of Taurus, Celtic Taurus tattoo and tribal Taurus tattoo.

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