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You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Tree tattoos have been a preferred theme for many body art enthusiasts who look for designs that are 'deeply-rooted'.
This expression is widely used for martyrs, especially those who gain victory over the enemies of the flesh. In many cultures, a palm tree is known as the 'Tree of Life', especially the ancient or Judean date palm tree, a species that had become extinct in A.D.
Flower tattoos are for the most part a development of the past few decades, and testimony to the fact that it is now acceptable for a woman to get tattoos ( it wasn't always like this). Flower tattoos can be pretty and rather feminine looking, but all the same there is considerable variety with regard to the style and overall look of the tattoo. Flower tattoo designs are also popular amongst men, but then they are usually incorporated in a tribal design, or combined with a skull, cross or dagger. A lily as a flower in general denotes purity, but there are many different kinds of lilies and lily tattoo designs. In ancient Egypt, the lily was a symbol for fertility, while in medieval times it symbolized innocence. Lotus flower tattoos are amongst my favorite tattoo designs because of their symbolic meaning. The lotus flower is seen often in Indian and Chinese mythology, where it is a symbol for spiritual awakening. Flower tattoos are an attractive option for women who want a discreet and feminine tattoo, but they are more than that. Hawaii, the newest state of the United States of America that is made up of many more islands is very popular across the globe for its beauty and cool, picturesque views. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Cherry Blossom Tattoos, Tiger Lily Tattoos, Lotus Flower Tattoos and Flower Tattoos On Foot.
Family in Hawaiian, carved on arm along with flowers that represent the favorite colors of family members. Lovely, small Japanese sakura blossoms carved on the back, near the shoulder, create a charming trail. A lovely tattoo souvenir that brings out the essence of the beautiful island on a small space. Red rose with decorative, beaded feathers adorning the foot of the girl stand for soft, feminine beauty. These fireweed gracing the lower part of waist on the side look very sensuous and complement the sexy contours. The girl got this pair of flowers carved on her foot as a remembrance for the beautiful time she spent in Hawaii. Many tourists get a flower tattoo as a souvenir for their visit to the flower island, Hawaii.
The national flower of the Hawaiian island carved on the side of the waist makes for a pretty portrait. A large red hibiscus carved along with other small flowers represents a family that has a head and other small members.
This bright red hibiscus that is also the state flower of the island is a popular tattoo souvenir. Different color hibiscus flowers wafting against a black backdrop create a catchy tattoo piece.
This sexy tattoo on the lower back has got many Hawaiian features that represent the beauty of the island. A Hawaiian woman portrait along with Hinao trademark flowers creates a charming tattoo piece on the leg. A solo, grey hibiscus flower that is also a symbol of delicate beauty, looks fine along the slender waist.

This man has got a hibiscus surrounded by three small plumeria flowers to represent himself, his wife and two children. This girl has got many Hawaiian flowers along with two horses on her back as a large tattoo piece.
The woman shows off her blooming, partly shaded Japanese chrysanthemum tattoo carved on shoulder blade.
A cursive vine of Hawaiian flowers inked in black on the side of the waist is looking pretty. The three plumeria flowers along with the tribal pattern covering the lower back and waist ooze a sensuous appeal. This man got the name of his daughter carved along with colorful Japanese Irezumi flowers to express his love. Hawaiian flowers and Chinese symbol bring out a lovely looking tattoo piece on the upper back. The three small and sparkling flowers placed on both sides of the black, cursive vine look very attractive.
Hibiscus, plumerias and traditional turtles done on the foot enliven the sweet memories of vacation spent on the island. Inked in black, this Hawaiian flower tattoo along with tribal pattern brings out a lively portrait. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
The in-depth meaning of palm tree tattoos make them an apt choice for many who associate with this tropical tree in some way or the other. The connotation of this phrase originates from Christianity, where a palm branch is considered to be the symbol of triumph and resurrection from the spiritual enemy.
It could represent protection, expansion, loneliness, unification, death, resurrection, love, aspiration, truth, honor, warmth, fertility, and many other things. A floral tattoo is often a good first tattoo for a woman who wants something fairly subtle.
Roses mean very different things for different people, but there are some traditional meanings as well.
The cherry blossom is a symbol for female beauty and love (in China), but also for the transience of life (in Japan) because the cherry blossom blooms for a very short time only. Just like the beautiful lotus flower floats on the muddy waters of a pond, it is a symbol for purity floating on the dirty waters of our society.
Just as the sunflower itself is bolder and more impact than most other flowers (due to its size and color), a sunflower tattoo is generally bigger and bolder than most other flower tattoos. They are very much in keeping with a feminine, ladylike appearance (Daisy is also a common girl's name) and are usually small. Flower tattoos can convey a variety of looks, images and styles, from old school to tribal. Guests are welcomed with floral garlands and many of them get Hawaiian flower tattoos carved on their body parts as souvenirs to remind themselves of the lovely time spent here.
The occasion of Palm Sunday is celebrated in this regard, symbolizing Jesus' victorious entry into Jerusalem. However, quite recently there was a miraculous news of a 2,000-year-old seed of this species sprouting under the care of Israeli researchers from the Natural Medicine Research Center (NMRC) in Jerusalem. For example, if the design consists of a single palm tree, it could represent loneliness, on the other hand, two of these trees together can symbolize unification.
They are more than a pretty image on a pretty girl though, flowers are full of age-old symbolism (see further).
You can have just a single flower or a chain of flowers, or you can combine them with vines, butterflies, hummingbirds and ladybugs.
They are timeless and very attractive, and because they can be quite small, they can work in a variety of places and designs.

They are incredibly sexy and as flowers, hold a delicate beauty that outshines most anything else.
They come from the Hawaiian Islands and getting one as a gift symbolize seizing opportunity. ThereĀ  are also many people who opt to add in other designs to their Hibiscus flower tattoo. Even otherwise the Hawaiian flower tattoos are a hit with men and women as flowers have got an evergreen and universal appeal for people of all age group and Hawaii is the best place for getting variety in flowers. The following section will give you a glimpse of 9 great tattoo designs of this meaningful tree, and also explain the symbolic associations of the same.9 Amazing Palm Tree Tattoo Designs A palm tree can be portrayed in diverse ways. You can use some bold black strokes, or incorporate beautiful, vibrant colors to accentuate the mood of the design.
These tattoos are so versatile that they can be placed almost anywhere on the body and look good. You can also infuse other elements in this theme, such as the phoenix bird, butterflies, flowers, sea-shells, sun, and the like, to give it an absolute tropical effect. The shoulder blade, the top of the foot, the calf and the stomach are some of the most popular areas to place this beautiful piece of art. Even when it comes to the size of the tattoo design, you can choose it to be a miniature tattoo covering the tip of your finger, to a full-scale tattoo covering your entire back.
The following tattoo designs will show you some gorgeous way to ink this tree.Cute Miniature Palm TreesTwo palm trees inked together symbolize love and unification. This design accentuates this symbolism all the more by the simplistic heart-shaped boundary. Loved it, didn't you?Lone Palm TreeYes, in the alchemical traditions, this tree is symbolic of androgyny because it has both male and female attributes. Features such as the erect, tall trunk represents the male superiority, while the long supple leaves that nurture, and the ability to bear fruits, purely associate with femininity.The Colorful Water Splash!Tattoos with a watercolor effect are gaining quite a lot of attention lately.
The wonderful blue beaches, the exotic sea-shells, and the lovely sunset!Perfectly Picturesque!Did you know that palm trees are also known as the 'Garden of Paradise'? If you are someone who aspires for freedom, creativity, and loves spending time in nature's lap, if a palm tree's shade is what gives you peace, then this design is what you need.A Tattoo for Life and Beyond!In this design, you see the sun (a symbol of life), a sea monster that swallows the palm tree (representing death), and a phoenix (a classic representation of resurrection and victory over death). In a way, this design depicts the journey of life, the ability to rise over the troubles of life, the victory over difficulties, and that what may seem to be the end, may be a new beginning, after all.The Haven of Femininity! This tattoo design gets an absolute feminine touch when a tropical flower is added along with the palm tree, hibiscus being a preferred choice. Adding a flower changes the implication of the design altogether, representing femininity, goodness, and a spiritual connection with heaven. Reflect Your Contemporariness!Your actions, thoughts, basically the way you see life is what defines your contemporariness, and that is what is depicted in this fabulous design! We think that this kind of tattoo is ideal for those who celebrate their life, love the tropical-ness of it, and reflect the same in their demeanor.A Full-scale Palm Tattoo This tattoo has an absolutely oomph masculine appeal, wouldn't you agree? When you choose your design, ensure that the placement of the tattoo justifies the design itself. This theme would also work great for a sleeve tattoo, especially if you plan to infuse other elements in the tattoo design. Approach an expert tattoo artist so that you can make the best of the concept and design, and that the final outcome clearly portrays your reason behind inking it.

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