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Here at Twisted Chilli Tattoo Studio our aim is to create bespoke individual designs and toprovide each and every customer with a truly memorable tattoo experience.As a custom studio we encourage each customer to work closely with us to develop their ideas into a design that will stand the test of time. Kristen:  I have always been an artist since I was a child, but when I was in highschool I started getting more into more surrealism and monsters. Another Tattoo:  I know every artist has tattoos they hate doing, do you have any parts of the body you rather not ink?
Kristen:  Honestly, I feel like it depends more on the persons skin, than the placement (even though sometimes those go hand in hand). Another Tattoo:  Most tattoo artists we spoke to had turned away work due to either the person’s attitude or what they wanted to have tattooed on them – have you ever turned anybody away? Kristen:  For aftercare, I always recommend a good unscented antibacterial soap, and Aquaphor until the tattoo starts to peal.

Another Tattoo:  What advice would you give someone looking for a new shop to get a tattoo (whether they are new to the area or their favorite artist has moved out of town)? Kristen:  If you need to find a tattoo artist to do your work, I will say first go online an look up shops in your area.
So if you live on the West Coast of Florida go check out Kristen at Z-Edge Tattoo & Body Piercing.
Customersa€™ own designs, ideas and references are welcomed and are treated with the utmost respect.
I think the ARTISTS that have really influenced me most are Jason Edmiston, Salvador Dali, Frank Frazetta, Travis Louie, Alfons Mucha, Micheal Hussar, and Caitlin Hackett. There is so many different styles of tattoos from old school, new school, portraits – which style is your favorite to do?

But I’m also a big fan of realism, making tattoos life like, and giving them texture. One was 3rd place for black and grey best of day, and the other was second place best pin up. Even if you don’t know much about art, you will be able to see who does work you like, or more geared towards what you want. I will definitely continue to go to conventions, trying to win awards and show off my work.

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