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Below is just a sample of recent work and some older projects I have worked on, please click on the images below to see more.
I am a lifelong learner and I am always committed and interested in new learning experiences and challenges. I enjoy working in environments that challenge me and allow me to continually progress in producing designs. Think about who will use the site, individuals, groups, wider society, or even a global society.
Job Match is a job search website that aims to connect job seekers and employers in a similar manner to Tinder. The first stage of designing the wireframes was a simple layout pad and black ink, a quick and easy way to make informed decisions.
These wireframes show a users profile page, a list view of job type jobs and a job search by location on Google maps. Page three must contain a 300 word discussion of you design rational, choice of colour scheme, etc. My design from the offset was going to be clean and simple, with a very limited colour palate and simple use of typography to guide you through the pages.
The first stage of designing the wireframes was the use of a simple layout pad and black ink, a quick and easy way to make informed decisions. Taking the wireframe sketches from black ink on a layout pad into a more digital format using Adobe Illustrator to build out skeleton wireframes. Caracas Coffee is a gourmet coffee company that imports and roasts its own range of coffees. The name evokes Latin America and that is very much their intention a€“ they would like to convey an earthy and honest feel as their coffee comes directly from the growers.
My brand idea comes from the simple geometric shapes inspired by the aztec of south America, strong but earthy colours are used to give a sense of Latin America.
The aim would be to convey a sense of Latin America; taste, style and flavour here in Ireland. This is the logo I have development for our team at the DSA - The name we all agreed works as all team members are rebooting their own careers. The Job Match logo: we needed something that was simple so I had a look at different types of icon design, I used Pinterest to get inspiration. Again taking inspiration from apple, I loved the apple icon finder on the imac, it suited our needs, with this in mind I developed the logo first of all on a layout pad and black ink sketching out possible ideas, to see which ones worked and which didna€™t. Kilmorey Care established in 2013 was formally the Mercy Care Group owned by the Sisters of Mercy Northern Province. The Grapevine Interactive Touch Screen designs for screens to be placed in public spaces, a strong and simple, effective design was needed.
The Human Rights organisation, a€?Reprievea€™ is running a two- week awareness raising campaign. They will use Twitter and Facebook to spread the word about the plight of political prisoners worldwide.
You are to create mock-ups of customised social media pages for Twitter and Facebook using the templates provided. From my sketches in my layout pad into adobe Illustrator, I played around with the spacing and letter forms to make up the logo. The letterforms develped out, they took on the shape of prison blocks, much like the H-block prsion in Armagh. On this image here you can see a map of the world on the back of the cell wall, this marks out some of the countries where political prisoners are be held.

As I progessed through the design I needed a twitter and facebook icon to be used in the design, I decided I would use the first two letters of the "unforgotten" logo, I placed the two letters inside a speech bubble, the idea behind this is to give them a voice and to be heard. I have used a bright yellow colour which works taking inspistation from the amnesty international logo, it stands out against a black background.
The website is being mocked up at the moment but the designers want you to design a banner for the website in Adobe Illustrator. The theme of the event this year is the environment so it is important that this is reflected somewhere in the design.
My brand idea is made up of many different parts, just like the show its full of different parts to explore and engage with.
My festival of choice is Vantastival, an independent family run festival that has been held in Co.Louth since May 2010.
Ita€™s a festival that incorporates peoples love for the outdoors, music, campervans and camping. The whole festival has a very relaxed vibe around it so I wanted that to be reflected in the design of the website and app.
Red, Cool Mint and Cool Green all colours that you would see on VW camper vans of the 60a€™s and 70a€™s. In my spare time, which is technically my day job, I am a Creative Director and Lead Designer for Cheeky Monkey Media.
At present, I am currently undertaking a part-time level 8 degree in Digital Technology, Design and Innovation in the Digital Skills Academy (partnered with DIT).This is aimed at expanding my skill set and exploring what the potential opportunities and possibilities are out there for me in todaya€™s industry. I work exceptionally well when I can design work that allows me to push the boundaries in a fresh and innovative way and I always ensure that these designs are equally appealing and suited to the clients needs and goals and their target audiences. From one layout to another the process was fast and could be changed at the flip of a page. This is a bit redundant for the first page, since in the real world your login form would forward the user onto the main page a€? but your form will not be functional and we will still need a way to navigate at this stage! I first started to plan my design by sketching up layouts of wireframes and placing the elements on the page using a pen and layout pad. As the coffee is also roasted in Ireland there is a local take they might like to include in the branding elements. To bring some of that rich culture to people who may or may not have travelled to these parts of the world.
I started to look at the shape and take inspiration from Steve Jobs quote a€?the only way to do great work is to love what you doa€? so I needed some type of love heart incorporated somehow into the logo, but didna€™t want it to look like a valentines day card! Once we were happy with a direction I started to develop out the logo in Adobe Illustrator.
You are to create an identity for the a€?#Unforgottena€™ campaign as well as use the a€?Reprievea€™ logo provided. They would like you to create the logo, select the colour theme (which will be reflected when the site is built) and create an eye catching banner for the site that will convey a sense of fun for all the family, summer sunshine, growth and nature. Book Design by Michelle McMahon & Darran Mc Cague, Culinary Inspirations Chefs John Wyer, Paul Kelly and Ronny Wolf. I am an enthusiastic, committed and passionate learner who enjoys communicating, working and teaching others who hold similar interests in technology and design as I do. I have experience working within both large and small companies under various management systems.
I always work to my fullest potential in everything I do in order to execute good quality design work within any given deadline and I am only happy when the client is happy. Our research has shown that many people are frustrated with current job search sites for several reasons.

You can hardcode the details on this page a€? it doesn't need to know anything about the login form details at this stage. They would like to be considered a gourmet coffee roaster which appeals to the discerning coffee drinkers.
Primary Photographer Vadim Lee (Landscape and Seascape), QR tab video and editing David Mathews. Working under such an array of industry environments has really helped me to develop a good level of knowledge and confidence in my abilities to work well within different departments and different teams. Many searches return results that are not relevant or suitable, with many users left feeling overwhelmed with the amount of time they spend filtering out these unwanted job adverts. To that end they would like to be thought of as a counterpoint to the high street chain coffee store brands. With this, they would also like to get across to their customers that their coffee is directly coming from the growers which also gives out the message that they are open and fair to them and to their suppliers. The open door became a symbol of openness and caring in the community, ita€™s a strong solid brand the carried across well into print and online. Images from Shay Larkin, Paul Carroll, Conor Woods, Louth County Council, FA?ilte Ireland, Northern Ireland Tourism Board,. At present I have been predominantly undertaking my course of study through online team collaboration and work commitment has been carried out in this manner also.
We have also learned that people who are looking for part-time or casual work find the application process for these sites overly complicated. HE love art history and big fan of the masters of cinquecento (Rafael Sanzio, Leonardo da Vinci). It has given me a great deal of responsibility and accountability in terms of executing my work well and ensuring a good level of communication and work ethic between us all.
The ideal candidates will have experience in some of the following areas: Modelling, Rigging, Texturing, Shading, Lighting, Look Development and compositing. We bring together exceptional individuals from both the worlds of analytic science and dynamic creativity. As the Rigging Supervisor you work collaboratively with various departments to achieve the intended performance requirements and keep current with evolving rigging technologies. He also covers best practices on how to achieve best results when creating printable models in Cinema 4D. FUSEFX IS AN EMMY AWARD-WINNING VISUAL EFFECTS AND ANIMATION STUDIO FOCUSED ON PRODUCING PHOTO-REAL DIGITAL EFFECTS FOR FEATURE FILM, EPISODIC TELEVISION, AND COMMERCIALS. Produce high-quality hyper-realistic animations of characters, creatures, cameras, vehicles, props and more. Interested in working for an exciting company that is redefining the way people play video games? Interested in working for a world class company in a fun, and rewarding environment in Madrid? FUSEFX IS AN EMMY AWARD-WINNING VISUAL EFFECTS AND ANIMATION STUDIO FOCUSED ON PRODUCING PHOTO-REAL DIGITAL EFFECTS FOR FEATURE FILM, EPISODIC TELEVISION AND COMMERCIALS.

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