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It was not only unusual, it was very beautiful, and the bride enjoyed having something unique on her wedding day. Sometimes unusual flower arrangements are created deliberately, sometimes they are the result of a lack of budget.
Of course not,  unusual arrangements can be made from everyday flowers in unusual shapes and configurations, but it is fun to use the more unusual flowers (or vegetables or fruit) to create something really different.
Although we view tulips as common flowers, they did not arrive in Europe until the mid 16th century. In 1636 history records that a consignment of 40 tulip bulbs exchanged hands for 100,000 florins, a sum equivalent to around 1 million euros today.
Today a vast array of unusual flowers are available in many forms, from genuinely blue roses to black tulips and these together with exotic tropical flowers (my favorite is pink ginger) are an ideal way to create an eye catching and unusual floral arrangement.
This site has many idea for unusual flower arrangements, as well as links to the resources you need; places to buy florists equipment, good books on flower arranging, realistitic artificial flowers and bulbs, seeds and plants so you can grow your own exotic blooms. Bart Prince Homes: Bart Prince is an architect who is well known for his unusual structures. Dal al Hajar: Dal al Hajar in Yemen is one of the world's most unusual houses for sure but it quite different from those designs of Bart Prince. Bubble House: The bubble house in Tourettes-su-Loup, France is listed as a historic monument despite being designed in the 70s and being as-yet incomplete. Upside Down House: Situated in Szymbark in Poland, the upside down house is essentially exactly what it sounds like a€“ a house that is completely upside down.
Toilet Shaped House: Again this is a house that is adequately described by its title a€“ the toilet shaped house is a house that is shaped like a toilet, or more accurately a toilet seat with a distinct lack of cistern at the back. Floating House: The floating house is one of the world's most unusual houses and also one of the most striking.
Crooked House: The crooked house is Poland's second entry into the world's most unusual houses and is less 'crooked' than wavy, looking like its morphing and warping along the vertical edges and inducing quite a headache.
Shoe House: Surely inspired by the nursery rhyme (about the old lady who lived in a shoe) it seems like someone decided to turn it into a reality. Unique Stone Fireplace Ideas One of 6 total Photos Contemporary Mountain House Designs with Elegant Interior Decor.

There are 6 picture delineating the "Unique Stone Fireplace Ideas" story, including the picture you’re recently observing earlier at above.
Golden Retrievers and Yellow Labradors sometimes get this genetic mutation in their coat color.
If these amazing animals inspired you to take in a new furry friend (and hopefully they did), find a local shelter by using ASPCA’s site. Located in Okinawa, Japan, this cool tree house by Kobayahsi Takashi was constructed with the purpose of communicating with outer space. This creative restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand was designed by Peter Eising and Lucy Gauntlett from Pacific Environments Architects. Kyu Che hopes to create a fully functioning high tech mini capsule for modern living with his ongoing Lifepod project. Unique tree house with quality garden decking is located on a beautiful, park-like property close to Osnabruck, North-West Germany.
Dustin Feider and his company, O2 Treehouse, promote environmentally friendly tree houses that are built from 100% recycled or recyclable materials from sustainable sources.
The Naha Harbor Diner in Okinawa, Japan lies at the very top of a huge Gajumaru tree about 20 feet above the ground. Set among the trees of the west coast rainforest of Vancouver Island in Canada, these handcrafted spheres are suspended like pendants from a web of rope. Posing as a Japanese lantern on stilts, this beautiful tree house by Lukasz Kos is located within the trees of Lake Muskoka in Canada.
The number of silk flowers now available means that many of the unsual arrangements you see are artificial floral arrangements I noticed recently that there were a great many hydrangea flowers in the local craft stores, some an unusual combination of green and pink. By the early years of the 17th century the tulip was a status symbol, especially when multi-colored, striped, or marked with a flame like pattern, something we now know is actually caused by a virus.
Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. However while many of us love our homes and depend on them greatly, the majority of houses still follow a fairly mundane design. These include many unusual homes that break the mould of the box-shaped buildings we all drew as children and are some of the world's most unusual houses.

This is really more of a palace than a house per-se, but was designed to be a summer home. The design is highly futuristic and you might expect from the name it is made up from several 'bubble' shapes give it round ceilings and walls a€“ which is reflected in the curved convex windows and doors too. Here the name is slightly misleading a€“ of course the house does not actually float, it just appears to be floating as the result of some very clever design work that enables it to be held up by just one point. Apparently inspired by the paintings of the Polish artist 'Jan Marcin Szancer' it can be found in Sopot. That someone was the artist-come-hotelier Ron Van Zyl who built a shoe shaped house for his wife in South Africa. Sometimes the most unusual arrangements are actually groups, where single blooms are grouped together in vases of different heights,  or small arrangements are placed in a row at regular intervals. This is not true of all homes however, as this list of some of the world's most unusual houses proves.
Cut straight into the rock that forms its base it is highly tall and narrow in its design and made up from many different layers and levels. It also features a range of round pools and waterfalls and if that wasn't enough it's situated on a volcanic terrain. Unfortunately it is a contentious entry into any list of the world's most unusual houses as it is actually a shopping mall more than a home. I can’t wait to get it growing so I can create some unusual floral arrangements of my own. Bart Prince's own home is of course a testament to this original and quirky design a€“ some kind of metallic snake-like looking building that is suspended in the air and features unusual looking antennae along with some other mysterious features. One of the world's most unusual houses and apparently one of the most sickening and disorientating as well! Who am I to judge?) No matter what our differences are, one thing is certain: you’re going to love dogs a little more after you see this.

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