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Good morning Rip Hopkins, you studied at the Ecole Nationale Superieure for industrial creation in Paris. During my studies, I learnt to consider objects in terms of a very specific use and to improve their dysfunctions. In fact, my preferred objects are people, through portraits or mise-en-scene that place them in context with their environment.
You are English and European, but you’ve travelled a lot to countries like Ouzbekistan, Romania and Liberia.
Certain parts of cities are becoming more uniform, particularly those inhabited by the middle classes where there are numerous shopping centres.
In conclusion, how would you describe your evolution as a photographer in terms of mise-en-scene and your relationship with objects?
Last week, Prince was briefly hospitalized for the flu, necessitating his private jet to make an emergency landing in Moline, Illinois, so that he could receive medical attention but was said to be recovering.

I select questions that interest me and develop an approach based on the materials, target audience and sponsor (if there is one) in order to meet their requirements, whilst retaining a degree of creative freedom. I often take objects out of their context by disrupting their uses or the setting in which they are usually seen in order to view them differently. The middle classes aspire to social ascension and devote themselves to consumerism, especially on the outskirts of cities. His death comes just two months after thepassing of one his former proteges, Vanity, also 57. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. In the chaotic cities he explores as a photojournalist for VU’, in tumultuous metropolis across the world and through the mise-en-scene of men and women who are out of step with their role or context.
I photographed Marc Aurel’s street furniture because it was fun to do and because Marc has a very sensitive and user-orientated approach.

Instead of trying to own objects, I like the idea of sharing personal objects for financial motivations.
Rip Hopkins discussed the objects and people that have had an important impact on him with the Urban Design Observatory. I think the landscape of different city areas depends heavily on the income of the inhabitants.

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