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Chinese calligraphy is a system of aesthetic handwriting expressed through the combination of brush movements in strokes. Personality: If you like audacity but does not exceed the limit, running script tattoo will suit you. Many Chinese may not be able to read the cursive script, because the strokes of characters have been simplified for the flow of brush movements.
Depending on your preference, characters in Cursive script can have links or without links between them. Extra FeeIf you choose the Flying White style in the beginning, but later change your mind for a polished smooth style, an extra fee applies. Um Donkey Products in vollen Umfang nutzen zu konnen, empfehlen wir Ihnen Javascript in Ihren Browser zu aktiveren. Um die neusten Produkte nicht zu verpassen und zu aktuellen Angeboten informiert zu werden, trag dich hier in den Newsletter ein.
The strokes are even more simplified than Cursive script, so that most characters are not readable.

If you are full of gusto and care less about convention, Cursive script or Crazy Cursive calligraphy tattoo will speak your personality. Since it is done by a calligraphy artist, it has a natural beauty that computer generated tattoo font lacks. Lorsque vous utilisez notre site vous acceptez de stocker des cookies sur votre ordinateur. Si vous ne trouvez pas la couleur ou la taille souhaitée, c'est qu'elle n'est plus actuellement disponible. Please compare the calligraphy and the font, and you will see the layout and even number of strokes are not the same for the same character. If you like Cursive style and want your text to be readable a bit (less abstract), choose Cursive script mixed with Running script.
Calligraphy tattoo has what is called "Flying White", the magical brushing movement created by the artist. Look carefully at the pictures, Flying White means you have fuzzy edges, uneven strokes, irregular dots or jagged turns in your tattoo designs.

This explains why the 2008 Beijing Olympics featured a spectacular display of Chinese writing in its opening ceremony.
This is because they are not re-touched or modified in any way to give a polished cosmetic look. Although mostly unintelligible to westerners, calligraphy is deemed by the Chinese as 'the supreme art'. They can be the symbolic representation of your emotion, passion, cherished memory or reflection of a lifetime.

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