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If you are interested in buying or selling a Red Hills plantation, it is absolutely essential to contact Kohler & Associates.
Having been in this niche business for sometime, Jon has expertise ranging from conservation easements to the proper planting of a food plot - and his attention and availability did not end with the sale. Now Available: Southern Cattle Company - 14,000 acre operation in north Florida with impressive size, great location, incredible water, fertile class II soils, and exceptional genetics. Greenwood Plantation - 4,300 ACRES SOLD The best of the southeast, Thomasville's most historic and ecologically significant plantation sold for the first time since 1899. Valhalla Plantation - UNDER CONTRACT2,410 acres in Leon County, Florida, was originally part of Chemonie Plantation and is located in the world famous Red Hills Plantation Belt.
Available - Magnolia PlantationOne of the most famous and historic of the Albany Plantations, this 4,620 acre quail plantation is available for the first time in generations. Longpine Plantation - SOLDIt was an honor to represent the Ford Family's private 5,850 acre Thomasville quail plantation.
We have several very unique and discrete opportunities that do not lend themselves for public disclosure that you may find profitable.
Covey Pointe Plantation - SOLD Our buyer was looking for a property where he could train bird dogs in the winter.
Dickerson Bay Coastal Preserve - SOLD!One of the Largest, Privately Held, Gulf Front Properties on the Gulf to be Sold in Recent Memory!
River Bluff - Sold!One of the most historic properties in Georgia as the original site of the first Creek Indian Agency and 2 miles of Flint River frontage.
A-Cross Ranch - SOLDOur client asked us to find one of the top-three most outstanding fly fishing and recreational ranches in the lower continental United States.
Chinquapin Plantation - SOLD!The Thomasville mansion on 1,318 acres was built by the business partner of Henry Rockefeller & has received national acclaim. Spread Oak Plantation - SOLD!From Jacksonville, you can be on this 1,104 acre retreat on the St. We represent the most successful investors and sellers of plantations and high quality land in the market today. It would be a rare event for someone buying or selling a plantation not to contact us for our advice.
Be the first to receive updates on the high quality land market, sales, and new opportunities on plantations, ranches, Social Storm(tm) Properties, and other rare and unique properties. Jon Kohler & Associates has been named one of America's Best Brokerages for the fifth year in a row! Described as one of the top-ten ranches in the nation for creating custom bred lines of cattle, this Florida ranch is on the cutting edge for upgrading entire herds across the country, and now internationally.
Valhalla Plantation, 2,410 acres in Leon County, Florida, was originally part of Chemonie Plantation and is located in the world famous Red Hills Plantation Belt.
This is the historic, original plantation with 2800 acres on the private 80-acre deep-water lake located on the eastern edge of the Tallahassee-Thomasville plantation belt (on the Florida side). Greenwood is one of the last great estates in America, and Jon Kohler & Associates' sole instruction was to bring only those buyers suitable to carry on the legacy of all past owners of this Thomasville plantation.
442 acres in Thomas & Grady Counties, Georgia with one of the most outstanding modern plantation houses in the Red Hills. These 2200 acres are located in a magnificent valley-setting in Cherokee County, Alabama, approximately two hours to Atlanta and Birmingham between the Piedmont and Appalachian Plateaus. 1,028 acres in Dougherty County, Georgia with three miles of frontage on the Flint River and across the river from Nonami Plantation's 6,500+ acres. Greenfield is a 508-acre, extremely well-managed farm and recreational property in Colquitt County, Georgia just 25 minutes north of Thomasville.
This is a 272-acre property with over 3.25 miles on the Santa Fe River near Alachua, Florida. This is a beautiful legacy property with high banks on the Suwannee River.A  Income production in pine straw. 362 acres in Worth County, Georgia, loaded with mature timber, and great Worth County trophy hunting. Turkey Ridge Plantation is 393 acres located in Jackson County, Florida, with beautiful, unexpected vistas and great topography. This is a rare and beautiful 87-acres with nearly A? mile of frontage on the Nochaway Creek in Baker County, Georgia, with a 2,300 square foot cypress house built high and dry on stilts which maximizes beautiful views of the pristine creek and features over 3500 sq ft of multi-level porches and decks. This primo 109-acre hunting tract in Worth County, Georgia is bordered on 2 sides by a hunting preserve and loaded with deer due to the bedding area it provides next to peanut fields currently in production on adjoining land. Many land investors in today's uncertain times have contacted us about wholesome, family safe-haven properties. Read more here about the properties we have vetted for cattle conversion land, or call us to discuss opportunities not publicly available. Exceptional timber property with unlimited recreational opportunities!A  1,110 acres on the Ogeechee River in Georgia, between Savannah and Augusta.
Providence Lake is a 558 acre estate with its own private 45 acre lake, four custom lakefront houses, and many other exceptional improvements. This entry was posted in Disturbing Thoughts, Podcasts and tagged Ambergris, Asteroids, Burial Wishes, Cannibalism, Celibacy, Church, Comets, Dolphin Assassins, Great Flood, HBO Documentary, Jeffrey Dahmer, Mea Maxima Culpa, Meteors, Nicolas Winding Refn, North Korea, NYPD Cannibal Cop, People of Walmart, Pope Francis, Pornography, Priests, Pros vs Cons, Religion, Serial Killers, Shamrock Shake, Smog, Sperm Whale Vomit, St. Ron Hall, owner of Valhalla Castle, a small replica of a Scottish castle he constructed on his property. Like a lot of clans, the MacLeods are the proud owners of a nearly 1,000-year-old castle, Dunvegan, located on the Isle of Skye. Today, his Valhalla Castle — named for the Viking version of heaven — has become, like the Iowa cornfield baseball field built for the film “Field of Dreams,” a bona fide tourist attraction in its own, smaller-scale way. Plenty of random folks simply show up at the Halls’ door after noticing the castle from the road. Then, it occurred to him — Why not try to build something a little more challenging than a wall? Methodically, he began hauling fieldstone — sandstone, specifically — from the surrounding woods and other nearby properties. From there, he spent the next three years building the wooden enclosures on top of the stone. The dragon sculptures on the roof are another nod to the Vikings, while the bull’s head that sits above the balcony has an inscription that reads, “Hold Fast,” the MacLeod Clan motto and, Mr. Certainly, the term applies perfectly to his whimsical, labor-intensive yet ultimately successful bid to bring a bit of Scottish culture to the Northeast Pennsylvania countryside. As reported yesterday, Orchid Seed‘s Original Character Natsuiro Shoujo Manatsu-chan is officially up for pre-order starting today. The company announced that they will reveal more about the figure once they’ll be able to show Kuramochi Youichi from the front. Hobby Stock reveals today pre-order information and official photos for their “Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Pre-orders for the figure, which is listed for ¥12778 and scheduled for release in October 2015 (exclusive), will officially open next Friday, on June 12th, 2015.

Native reveals today final product photos for their Original Character Elevator Girl figure, which is going to hit stores on the 19th of this month. The figure also comes with an extra head part with a smiling expression and closed eyes as special, exclusive bonus if ordered at Kotobukiya’s Online Shop. Tsuji Santa shares today first photo of unpainted prototype for Nitro Super Sonic Sonico Sweet Meats ver.
From the popular anime series ‘LoveLive!’ comes a Nendoroid of the spiritual girl who takes things at her own pace, Nozomi Tojo!
Nozomi comes with both a friendly smiling expression as well as a mischievous grin to choose from.
The third year student at Otonokizaka High School, and member of the μ’s school idol project who always keeps a warm watch over everyone else!
The two pigtails are also attached with Nendoroid joints allowing you to easily match them with various poses! The ship parts all over her design have sculpted down with great attention to detail, and eve the smaller details such as the lens of the binoculars are made with translucent parts to faithfully produce a highly detailed figure.
The contrast between the soft skin and the metallic ship parts is always such a pleasure to see!
Plus as if the ship parts and lovely skin weren’t enough, she also has a lovely sailor suit blowing about in the wind! I like doughy pizza the most… but sometimes I do get the urge to have some crispy pizza too!
From the 2014 ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ movie comes a fully articulated series of figures! Their facial expressions and equipment have also been carefully made to look exactly as they did in the films.
The turtles have been transformed into fully articulated figures with threezero’s unique realistic look shining beautifully!! The skin is sculpted and painted in such a way that it really looks like it should be wet and glistening! Michelangelo is the party dude and troublemaker of the team, with his orange mask and nunchaku as his trademark weapon. The jersey tied around his hips is made from real fabric which just adds even more realism to the figure!
Special hand parts that allow the nunchaku to be held are included, but you can also display them pocketed away like in the photo above! By the way, the mask on his face is made from standard materials, white the back part makes use of fabric!
Leonardo is the leader of the team, with his blue mask and dual-wielded swords as his trademark weapon.
This BBW (that's Beautiful Brawny Warrior) is here to finally give you a good excuse for getting aroused by weapons! OK, if you're reading this it means that your blood pressure's back to normal so let's talk about size. For all the tears in her overcoat I don't see a single scratch on her delightful derrière, meaning that baring your behind is a completely legit diversion tactic in battle.
The Hijiriga Saka Academy uniform's simple design helps highlight the most devastating thing she inherited from her deceased demon lord daddy--her human form!
The stark black and white juxtaposed against the hellfire red of her hair and ribbons symbolize something, though certainly not the relationship between her and Basara.
Mio's crimson hair flows like the blood of a 1000 infidels (or roughly the amount I've lost through the nose while writing this) and is as much of a birthright as her inherited powers. This chest is anything but subtle, yet it's the small details in the sculpt that give it a hefty feeling you don't see in many figures. From the size I'd say she bought this swimsuit along with the uniform back when she was still a first year student. Ahhh, feel that relaxing breeze as it blows through her clothes and intricately sculpted ribbons. Kotobukiya has posted a teaser image for what appears to be an Emma Frost wearing a take on her more current outfit. Comic fans will recall that Emma Frost joined the X-Men around the last time Jean Grey was killed off and has remained a prominent member of the group.
While I'll always prefer Emma's more classic looks, I'm looking forward to how this one turns out.
I was going to try to post the voting link, but the full link is not displaying on my iPad, so I guess you'll just have to download the app for voting if you don't have it already. Only other thing to keep in mind is that you need a Google account since they are using GoogleForms for their survey. They were on the ground photographing my property at the end of September, and here we are three months later, with two contracts written on my property. These 2,800 acres are part of the original plantation and include plantation house, lake, guest house, high fence, and more!
We have specialized in this niche for over 25 years, but it's the successes that we continue to have that set this firm apart. New investors and sellers call us every day for a recommendation on how, they too, can capitalize on today's market conditions or find a perfect hedge during times of social and economic unrest. Chemonie, 2,410 acres in Leon County, Florida, is located just 25 miles from downtown Thomasville and 10 miles from Tallahassee. Valhalla has a lakefront, custom-built 3,600 sq ft main lodge and carriage house, a guest cabin, beautiful horse stables, and miles of high fence. Longpine is where the iconic Thomasville wild quail plantations as we know them today were first established back in 1888! This property has been held by the same family for nearly 100 years.A  This diverse property is in the middle of the Red Hills belt, on the desirable Florida side of the line, with a lake, frontage on Panther Creek, excellent topography, and beautiful stands of mixed pines and mature live oaks.
Owned by the he late patriarch Doyle Conner, Sr., a much beloved head of the Florida Department of Agriculture serving from 1961 - 1991.
The enormous, completely private 300A± acre cypress lake has hosted duck hunts for President Eisenhower, generals, and world leaders. It has quail woods, hardwoods, open rolling hills, great soils, approx $523 per acre in timber, and flowing creeks. Super private high-fenced preserve with 250 acres of high fence, lodge, manager's house, and more. It is completely fenced for cattle, features five stocked fish ponds with wells, fenced gardens, and fruit trees.
Privacy is an understatement, as much of the creek-frontage in this county is owned by just a few large plantations such as Ichauway, Deer Run, Caney Creek, and a few others.
This classic gentleman's farm has a very well-managed stand of timber, burned on an annual basis, with a well-established big buck program, a great cabin, and a private location.
It's hard to find small hunting tracts of this caliber in this area (Worth County is consistently in the top-five in trophy whitetails in the state of Georgia).

The castle is made completely of stones he gathered on his property, and took him 27 years to complete. Hall shares with his wife, Joyce, features three towers, an elevated walkway, Tudor-style designs, turrets and a courtyard. Hall’s Scottish ancestors on his father’s side first arrived in the American colonies during the early 1700s.
There, while other kids his age were constructing treehouses, he was busying himself building walls from piles of accumulated fieldstones.
Hall went on to work for Ansco in Binghamton, New York, while doing stone work on the side. Hall pointed out, Scotsmen are often known for their stubbornness, and in 1978 he cast aside all doubt and dove headlong into the project, relying on little more than some books on castles and sketches he drew on used time cards during idle periods at work. The highly detailed and quite impressive figure is listed for a price of ¥15800 and scheduled for release in October 2015.
School Idol Project” girls in their Birthday Figure Project version, Koizumi Hanayo, is officially on pre-order starting today. There is one magazine that releases a special horoscopes section for each half of the year. Special arm parts are also included to display her ready to use her ‘Washi Washi MAX’ attack! Nendoroids all allow for many poses seen directly from the opening animation, and they’re all a lot of fun to make!
The difference between the two expressions is huge and yet both capture Nozomi’s personality nicely!
Similar to Nendoroid Rin Hoshizora’s maracas, Nozomi simply had to include a Tarot Card! She has been sculpted based on the major damage illustration that she takes in game after taking a large amount of damage! The tear in her eye is made using translucent resin for a very faithful rendition of the original illustration. The first and second in the series are Leonardo and Michelangelo, both scheduled to release simultaneously. The figures feature over 25 points of articulation and the neck and elbow joints make use of flexible PVC for easy, natural looking poses that still look great.
Due to their popularity, both Michelangelo & Leonardo are going up for a second batch of orders! His calm and collected appearance has been well preserved in the figure which stands approximately 326mm in height. The end part of his mask and cloth wrapped around his wrists and legs are all soft to the touch! Thanks to the mobile game explosion there isn't an itch that an app can't scratch, and you don't get more niche than today's figure--a personified katana with curves of steel from Sengoku Bushouki MURAMASA.
As a woman she's so top heavy that she's as likely to break her own spine as she is to slice through yours!
Her burgeoning belly makes an adorable little sand dune to go with the over-inflated beach balls--a combination that's sure to heat up your summer! Before that, she was a long-time X-Men rogue who went by the name White Queen (particularly as a member of the Hellfire Club). For the first time in two generations, the plantation that the Ford family turned into an icon was available for sale.
Wolf Creek is a beautiful sandy bottom creek with mature hardwood bottoms, bream, and numerous feeder creeks. The ranch is very unique and controls a famed "lake drain" which is a direct connect into the Floridian Aquifer. These 441 acres have major wildlife, rolling topography, fields, beautiful live oaks, mature hardwood bottoms, creeks, and a bluff with beautiful lake views.
This property is the pride of Americus and was formerly owned by the late Roy Lee Smith, owner of Roy-Boy produce brand, as well as the football legend Dan Reeves' family. Prices, plans, uses, dimensions, boundaries, locations, specifications, material, and availability are subject to change without notice. All kinds of fun topics as we discuss Catholicism, Whale vomit (for some reason) and murderous type people!
A drawbridge stretches over a waterfall-fed moat that snakes along the front of the castle. A Pittsburgh television show did a spot there, and it’s been written about in several publications, including Pennsylvania magazine.
This also of course means that all nine of the μ’s members have finally all come together in Nendoroid form! You can just hear the song playng through your head when you see the girls all posed in their dance poses! The ribbon on her chest that you can see blowing about even from the back also gives a nice dynamic feeling to the figure. The figures have been very intricately sculpted and painted, creating a very faithful appearance that captures things such as the texture of their skin and shells and even shows some of the damage they have taken in their many battles. His nunchaku are of course included as well as his sunglasses and skateboard to recreate all sorts of scenes from the film.
The wealth in additional timber alone (mostly longleaf) is $1,000A± per acre more than the average plantation. He got help from his two sons, Brian and Erik, and made use of an old apple tree to lift bigger stones.
Be sure to pose your μ’s members enjoying their stage time once they join your collection! Yukikaze is known for her innocent look and carefree smile, making this figure a bit of a contrast to her normal appearance! It boasts one of the largest contiguous blocks of privately held wiregrass in Georgia and is one of the most significant plantations not yet under a conservation easement. This is exactly the type of ranch opportunity that is hard to find and rarely becomes available on the open market. We have the most comprehensive knowledge of plantations and high quality land in the market today. Investor site is being assembled now.Click Here to Enter the Investor Site for Lanahassee Creek . River tracts of this size, in private hands and not under a conservation easement are difficult, if not impossible, to find!

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