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She has produced an original and imaginative body of work to support that claim, going back to her days at the experimental Independent School of Art. Jasmin’s approach is epitomized by her memorable “Mobius Wave”, in which her photograph of the ocean is reinvented as a sculpture of a mobius wave. Although many of her works are documents of her sculptures, the final art object is usually the photograph. Ajani Charles is a professional photojournalist, advertising photographer and cinematographer based in Toronto — the Canadian city famed for its cultural diversity and the creative dynamism of its artistic community.
At the Visual Arts Center, highly accomplished artists teach six-week sessions in an array of areas.
If you are not quite ready to pick up your own paintbrush, you can still experience the Punta Gorda art scene. Beginning November 1 and continuing through November 29, 2013, the center will celebrate the life and works of John Singer Sargeant.
A graduate of the Visual Arts program at San Francisco State University, Jasmin explores the relationship between the logic of the camera and our own visual perception, raising transhumanist themes of redefining human capacities and human nature through technology.

She relinquishes the fixed orientation that is ordinarily dictated by the photographic frame and replaces it with a continuous one-sided surface, in an almost tactile evocation of the endless interconnectedness of the world’s waters. But Jasmin has also made videos, and with “Untitled (Persona Case Study)” she is premiering a window installation at Artists’ Television Access for the month of August. The workshops provide opportunities for you to experience the Visual Arts center before signing up for a six-week class. The Visual Arts center houses two exhibit areas: the main gallery and the Wayne and Donna Goff Gallery. And just as all these waters reflect and suggest each other, so too does the Mobius Wave involve multiple versions of itself. Many people view their move to Punta Gorda as a chance to pick up those hobbies they have always dreamed they would do. Throughout the month, the center has planned several events for the community to come together and appreciate Sargeant’s art. As well as what our limitations are and what kinds of tools enable us to understand more complex substructures.

I’ve combed through innumerable texts from the popular media, the blogworld, zines, journals, as well as artwork inspired by her, ephemera from her experience in group homes as a teenager, and other texts that are not directly related but address similar themes about identity formation and different types of “truth” — literal and figurative. Currently, membership fees are $55 annually for individuals, $80 annually for families, $25 annually for students, and $750 for lifetime memberships.
I’ve tried to show a more dimensional and nuanced representation of her story, and I’ve still only scratched the surface.
Whether you are a lifelong artist, interested in learning a new craft, or want to meet new people, the Visual Art Center on the corner of Maud Street and Marion Ave can help you.
I focus on visual perception because it takes up at least a quarter of our cognitive processing, about 25 percent of brain real estate.

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