Web photo gallery photoshop plugin,tattoo apply photoshop,meaningful quotes about love with images - Step 1

Adobe Photoshop’s Web Photo Gallery is a great and easy to use function, but the quality of your preset options have always seemed lacking. Those you of you that can handle some basic HTML and aren’t afraid of a little javascript, read on, this tutorial is mostly for you.
You can probably just skip to the Lightbox JS Editing instructions and figure things out yourself.
The Photoshop Web Photo Gallery uses custom tags to generate the content for the pages in the Web Photo Gallery. These next few images will illustrate the options in the Web Photo Gallery and (some of) their corresponding tokens. With all of the tokens and their corresponding settings known you can start programming the Web Gallery files.

This code is replacing the links to the .html subpages that Photoshop automatically creates with links to the full-size images. Choose your settings and options as usual and let Photoshop create your new Lightbox-ready Web Photo Gallery! Using the Lightbox JS javascript library and the Web Photo Gallery we can easily create a very slick photo gallery for your website.
I’m just hoping this sparks your creativity and you create some awesome galleries then post them in the comments.
I’m using an external stylesheet, but any Photoshop tags you want to use in CSS have to be placed inline, as you can see. I wish there were a cleaner way to do it, but the Web Photo Gallery has a limited set of functions and options.

I will have to give this a try once I get more portfolio-worthy results in my graphic design work. This tutorial doesn’t cover the basics of using the Web Photo Gallery, but Adobe offers one in their Resource Center. For a list of all available tokens, you can search in your Photoshop Help documents by pressing [F1], or you can download the list of available Web Photo Gallery Tokens here.

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