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Japanese websites and Japanese website design Cornish WebServices have now designed several websites in the Japanese language, with two shown below. The Japanese language has two directions in writing; either columns of text written top to bottom and stacked right to left (known as tategaki style), or left to right across the page (known as yokogaki style).
One important factor here is the server used for both development and to host the website. A Japanese domain name (.jp) is beneficial in terms of making the website look more Japanese to Japanese speakers.
Japanese Yahoo uses the YST search algorithm which is actually quite different from the US or UK version of Yahoo search algorithm. Cornish WebServices can provide a full translation, design, hosting and search marketing service in Japanese and many other languages. With its long history, traditional culture and beautiful nature, Japan has sixteen locations registered as World Heritage Sites. I want to showcase 45 Japanese animation & gaming website layouts for design inspiration. No matter how hard you try to memorize all those endless phrases, verbs, and vocabulary lists, words will mean nothing unless you are able to put them in the right order.
Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. Marugoto Plus is a site compatible with the contents of “MARUGOTO: Japanese Language and Culture,” the official course book of the Japan Foundation. What’s interesting about Marugoto is that its culture references are not strictly Japanese; you can learn about other cultures as well!
The explanations are presented in both Japanese and English, and at the end of each lesson you will see a list of other related units. The site, on top of the video lessons, offers 12 PowerPoint presentations with all the key elementary grammar points. The exercises allow you to turn your keyboard to Japanese input and get a real feel for the way Japanese is written.
At the end of each practice session there is a very useful summary to review your answers and find your weak points.
I love using animations to teach the basics of Japanese grammar, and Tama Tamako is doing just that on her site, Tama Tamako’s Nihongo Learning Animations—Let’s Learn Japanese!
Teach Yourself Japanese is a very useful site for those early learners of the Japanese language who prefer to study on their own. It supports more than five languages including English, Japanese, Spanish, Korean and French.
The Advanced Skit contains language as you would find it in a normal conversation between Japanese people. Let’s See is a section where you have to answer questions based on pictures relating to Japanese culture. The Let’s Try part lets you try out Japanese-related games associated with each lesson. And finally, in Develop Vocabulary you can practice the words related to each lesson’s situation or topic with the help of pictures. The site also offers a mini-game where you have to find you way through a small Japanese town. Overall, it’s a fun way to practice your Japanese grammar and a great site to bookmark.
Keigo is the respectful form of the Japanese language, otherwise known as honorific speech. Thus, the honorific system in Japan is really extensive, closely resembling the systems found in both Korea and China. The Japanese Ministry of Culture created a Keigo website for both Japanese people and advanced level Japanese speakers.

The Association for Japanese Language Teaching created a website, Enjoy Learning Online Japanese, in which you can study anything from elementary grammar to some pretty advanced reading practice. There are eight distinct sections, which include survival Japanese and daily conversations, language games (like crossword puzzles), and reading practices accompanied by texts on the history and origins of kanji. U-biq’s Online Japanese Tests site is a collection of quizzes on Japanese grammar, vocabulary, kanji, listening and reading.
The grammar quiz format might seem a little familiar to those of you using the “Minna no Nihongo” textbooks, and all the answer explanations are in Japanese. JGram: The Japanese Grammar Database is a site run by its community and contributing members.
Grammar is really important when it comes to successfully translating your thoughts to speech.
Thanasis Karavasilis is a writer and lover of stories who was educated to be a teacher of English. If you liked this post, something tells me that you’ll love FluentU, the best way to learn Japanese with real-world videos. The older website standards for HTML and CSS did not have full support for the tetegaki style of writing. Some servers send default character sets to the browser, overwriting any character set defined within the webpage and this prevents the Japanese character sets from showing clearly.
We always use natural language speakers for the translation work to give the best results.
You may not consider using these techniques in your own layouts, but it is always good to know the market.
He frequently writes on topics including web design, user experience, mobile apps, and project management.
So know your vocabulary, but don’t forget that sentence structure is what links those words together. There are so many sites and books and workshops and cram schools and phrase books and learning aids and… Hold up!
Having the textbook is not a prerequisite in order to use the site, and all of the site’s content is super useful.
Marugoto Plus is great for studying the grammar for A1-A2 levels of the JF Standard through an array of conversations, videos and pictures.
There is also a side menu of all available units, so you can choose the grammar structure you want to learn in particular.
1 Particle Exercises is exactly what it says it is: a website in which you can study and practice particles covered in the “Genki” textbook. The site follows the grammar sections of the textbook and contains various exercises—from choosing the correct masu-form (-??) to those difficult past tense adjective conjugations.
In her blog you can study some basic grammar through the use of simple animations and audio.
According to Tamako, her blog is designed in such a way that it makes you feel as though each lesson were feeding you with a chunk of everyday Japan. Don’t be fooled by its dated appearance, as this site covers all the basic grammar with clear and useful explanations. It starts with a very useful outline of the language, and all the basics of pronunciation and terminology. It contains the key points of Japanese grammar with clear explanations and great example sentences. In the forum there’s a very active community ready to answer all your questions about the Japanese language, and the blog is full of interesting articles on Japanese culture. It’s the online version of the popular DVD learning material “??????!?????????(Erin’s Challenge!
It has 25 lessons with videos of real-life situations in which you can hear a near-natural form of the language.

In the manga version, the dialogue is inserted into text bubbles and you can click on each line to hear the audio. All the dialogues are solely in Japanese, making the game a great practice on reading and general understanding.
It not only includes special vocabulary but it also employs a lot of specialized grammatical forms. It guides you through all facets of Keigo, coupled with detailed explanations and quizzes to test your understanding of the concept.
It focuses on the things you need to know for the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test), and it also supports Chinese and Korean. This is a very complete and comprehensive quiz site that is sure to meet all your online testing needs.
These websites are sure to fill all your grammar needs, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner.
There is a whole unconscious process in the works, from thinking what you want to say in your native language, finding the right words in Japanese and then trying to make a comprehensible sentence out of them. This now supported within the latest CSS (cascading style sheets) but these are too many older versions around for much use to be of this in 2009.
The twelve Cultural Heritage Sites are the Hiraizumi a€“ Temples, Gardens and Archaeological Sites Representing the Buddhist Pure Land, Buddhists Monuments in the Horyu-ji Area, Himeji-jo, the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto (Kyoto, Uji and Otsu Cities), the Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial (Genbaku Dome), Itsukushima Shinto Shrine, the Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara, the Shrines and Temples of Nikko, the Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu, and the Sacred Sites Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range, and Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine. The Japanese culture is so different from the western world, yet we all share the same planet and the same Internet. It provides us with the ability to express ourselves, fosters precision and exploits the richness that derives from learning a foreign language.
The A1 level is available in Japanese, English and Spanish while the A2 level is available in Japanese and English. Every unit consists of the flash animation, complete with explanations and examples, a vocabulary list and a final quiz to test your understanding of the lesson. It contains multiple choice quizzes, and if you happen to not know the answers, there are explanations provided.
This is another fantastic site for those of you who just started exploring the wonderful world of the Japanese language. Tae Kim offers his grammar guide in 11 different languages, and his site is pretty easy to navigate. Because of its realistic aspect, you’ll feel like you experience various aspects of the Japanese society firsthand. All speaking is done at a natural speed, and the videos depict real-life situations in which mistakes are corrected and explained by a Japanese Keigo master.
It is part of the U-biq site, which includes tons of information and tests for both students and teachers.
It has a very extensive list of the most important grammar points, with explanations and example sentences.
Japan's four Natural Heritage Sites are at Ogasawara Islands, Yakushima, Shirakami-Sanchi, and Shiretoko. And you do not need to understand the Japanese language to appreciate beautiful website design. It is truly magnificent how designers may communicate across language barriers to share and understand more complex design trends.

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