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Enter your email address for a monthly update on the latest wedding planning ideas, party tips, and tons more. Every Friday, Wedding and Party Network will be choosing a theme or color and give you inspirational photos. Polka dot wedding cakes are very popular with Louisville brides (and brides across the country) because they are unique and can feature any variety of colors. The second wedding cake photo depicts a very beautiful, contemporary round wedding cake that many people will get on board with. The last wedding cake photo is one that should excite you because it's design is simple enough to be liked by traditionalists but contemporary enough in color and form to appeal to you.
Polka dot wedding cake photo and sunflower wedding cake photo courtesy of Bake My Day, a local bakery in Louisville Kentucky. Red and white contemporary wedding cake photo provided by Just Ones Cakes & Catering, a wedding cake bakery in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Although hidden under amazing wedding flowers and buttercream frosting, a delicious chocolate wedding cake resides. This clearly shows what a fun and contemporary couple the bride and groom are with the square and irregularly shaped tiers.
A trendy color blend of light pink, chocolate brown and pale mint green makes this is an awesome wedding cake.
It's not every day that pink and brown shades are used as the color palette for a wedding cake.
Wedding cake decorations are becoming increasingly unique, but altogether still the same good ol' stuff that your parents and grandparents loved. Traditional wedding cakes are beautifully formed of either buttercream frosting or fondant icing. Buttercream frosting and fondant icing are still popular, but modern wedding cakes take these two classic components to the next level. Cake toppers may look slightly different these days but their popularity as the crowning feature of the wedding cake remains the same.
Cultural wedding cake themes are seeing a big rise in popularity as wedding ceremonies reflect the ethnic traditions of the bride and groom.
Seasonal wedding cakes are also appropriate and beautiful for the other seasons of the year. Interflora has joined together with one of the most iconic names in the fashion industry to launch a collection of designer wedding flowers. The flower experts have teamed up with iconic fashion designer Vera Wang to offer an exquisite collection of bridal flowers including statement designs for the bride, groom, wedding party, ceremony and reception. The Collection, which will be showcased on the catwalk at the National Wedding Show, captures the essence of Vera Wang design and presents an inspirational range of flowers for brides who adore the romanticism and simplicity of Wang’s iconic bridal couture. Within The Collection, Vera Wang has designed three distinct looks – Traditional, Romantic and Modern. The Traditional Collection offers a classic and sophisticated bridal colour scheme with soft pinks, rich fuchsias and the delicate hint of lavender while the Romantic Collection captures the femininity and elegance of nature’s most beautiful hues with the softest shades of pink and an abundance of creamy white flower varieties.
Karen Barnes, Head of Floral Gifting at Interflora said: “We are tremendously excited about the launch.
The collection is available from 1st October through a select number of accredited Interflora florists across the UK and Ireland. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow all cookies" to give you the very best experience.If you continue to use this site then you are consenting to this. If you haven't heard, Val Vista Lakes, right here in Gilbert, AZ, has beachfront property. Well, that last part might be tough to get if you're on a budget, but you can have a barn-themed wedding at the beach right here, in Gilbert! There you have it, a few simple tricks to having a barn-themed wedding at the beach right here in Gilbert, AZ.
Guest Tables: Guests traditionally sit at round tables, which are dispersed throughout your venue. As a final note, check with your parents for any possible seating errors that you may have made.
If you or someone you know is planning a wedding, you should consider a beach themed wedding for your big day. You can still have the beach in the background during the ceremony, and you can always take photos afterwards on the beach. If you really want a beach wedding but can't make it to the beach maybe a beach-themed wedding is your last hope. Choose a beach-themed signature drink for the reception like a Mojito, and send your guests home with a beach wedding favor. Planning a Memorial Day wedding having a limited budget may be tough, however it can as well be extremely satisfying.
This will probably be the best day of your life, in Gilbert, Az, irrespective of what your memorial day wedding budget is we've the advice and ideas to make it wonderful. There appear to be some days in the year, whether they occur to land on a Sunday, Saturday, or even Monday, which are historically a lot more affordable for couples.
Here in Gilbert, Az, a Memorial Day wedding holds many meanings for Gilbert wedding couples. Now, I will not lie, military weddings in Gilbert, Arizona seem to be our favorite, mostly on Memorial Day Weekend. Just simply because you hold your wedding on Memorial Day does not mean you need to be in military, or have a family member who is in the military.
Another huge draw for a non-military wedding Memorial Day weekend is the opportunity to obtain an additional day off of work. A non-military wedding may nonetheless hold all the tradition and prestige that a military wedding has.
When your mom calls you at midnight with a burning question about the color of the table cloths, you can lean over and grab that folder that you keep beside your bed for just these circumstances, flip directly to the linens section, and let her know the options. Lean on friends and family when times get tough and the wedding planning gets a little overwhelming. Planning a wedding can be extremely overwhelming, and without the right tools you could easily want to drop it all and elope.
Rustic Beach Lighting: I absolutely love the idea of combining driftwood with rustic weddings. There are so many ways to have a rustic wedding on the beach, but only one place to do it in Arizona!! Planning a wedding with a limited budget can be tough, but it can also be incredibly satisfying. This is going to be the greatest day of your life, right here in Gilbert, Arizona, and no matter what your budget is we have the tips and advice to make it amazing. Ways that Gilbert wedding couples have saved, areas where they have cut back in order to spend more on what matters. But before I do that, I want to talk a bit about Val Vista Lakes, and why choosing our venue will help you stay within your wedding budget. Here at Val Vista Lakes, you can have that ‘California beach’ feel, but right here in Gilbert! Officiants: You want your officiant to be experienced, compassionate, charismatic and able to think on their toes. But, you can save a bit of your wedding budget if you were to take a risk and ask a friend to officiate.
We’ve got some great blogs here on our Val Vista Lakes website that you can use to find crafty ways to save money. Can you imagine sitting on the beach, your toes in the sand, your new groom or wife in one hand and a light saber in the other? What if I told you that your wedding can be beach-themed, with a waterfall backdrop, blooming flowers under a nighttime sky beneath galaxies far, far away? And for most families and wedding couples, traveling to California just isn’t an option for their wedding. There are so many amazing things that you can do at our Gilbert wedding venue for your Star Wars wedding on the beach! We put together some ideas for what to give your wedding guests and how to make them feel special on your special day. So, provide your wedding guests with things like sunglasses from the dollar store, flip flops, sunscreen, even a small fan or spray bottle.
Do Not Disturb: Another unique and fun idea is to customize those Do Not Disturb door signs. Here at Val Vista Lakes, the only wedding venue in Gilbert where you feel like you're saying "I Do" under a California sunset on the beach, we will do everything to make your wedding day absolutely perfect. But, right now is the time to start thinking about how to make her wedding even more special, more emotional, and more memorable.
Show her how much you truly love her, and how much you really know her, by sending her insightful gifts on and before the big day!
Whatever it is, whether fun or romantic, have it personalized to represent this amazing day! Below is a very country western seating arrangement for your rustic wedding here in Gilbert, Arizona.
But what about combining some of your favorite themes, like country and beach, or traditional with vintage? Well, it’s the best parts of some of the most popular wedding themes here in Gilbert! Take the best parts of country and western, and combine those with the aura of vintage appeal!
No matter what kind of wedding you're going to have here in Gilbert at Val Vista Lakes, it will be amazing!
When to Use Flash: When snapping a sunset wedding photo, take the flash down a notch if you can.
Use a Tripod: The best thing that you can do as a DIY photographer is to use a tripod, especially when preparing for a sunset photo.
Take as many photos as needed with test subjects to make sure you're not testing this out on the wedding couple.
Find the Perfect Spot: Here at Val Vista Lakes in Gilbert, Arizona, finding that perfect spot to snap that perfect sunset photo is easy! You’ll want to find a spot where the sunset is not overbearing, but creeps through the trees or from behind the waterfall.
When you getting married here at Val Vista Lakes in Gilbert, AZ, what you’re going to do with your wedding dress after the wedding is probably the last thing on your mind. I’ll be honest, most of us seal it up and it hangs in the closet for an eternity, or it gets packed away into the attic. Make a Quilt: You can turn almost anything into a quilt, and, if done right, it can be one of the most beautiful accessories in your home. Make Lingerie: Did you know that a professional seamstress can actually turn your wedding dress into lingerie?! Whether you’re the maid of honor, or a bridesmaid, being a part of the wedding party can get expensive.
And so, even though you’d do anything for these ladies, you are starting to look for more budget-conscious bridal shower ideas. Costly Invitations - These days, you don’t have to send out paper invites to the bridal shower. However, if you choose to go this budget route with the invites, make sure that those who aren’t online (grandma, aunts, etc) still get the invitation. Honestly, bridal showers tend to include fancier finger foods, which you and anyone else helping with the party can do. Some three-dollar bottles of red and white wine would help, and won’t break the bank. There is no place more beautiful than right here, sitting on the beach in Gilbert, Arizona, listening to our cascading waterfall and relaxing in the warmth of the Springtime sun. No matter what you choose to have as appetizers for your Spring wedding, make it fresh, refershing and beautiful!

If you're wedding is today, there's no doubt that there will be green beer, green flower arrangements, maybe even some Irish-inspired appetizers and dinner! But every year we have a new set of color pallettes that are making a bang for Gilbert, Arizona wedidng couples. Greys - Grey might not seem like a wedding color, but it blends perfectly with the 2016 blush color trends. White - Of course, our wedding color staple has always been white and will always be white.
No matter what color pallette you choose for your Gilbert, Arizona wedding, it will be amazing! Well, everyone could use a bit of the luck of the Irish on their big day, especially if your big day happens to be on or around St. Today let’s take a look at some of the Irish traditions that will bring luck and love to your wedding day here in Gilbert.
Irish Lace: This type of wedding lace is not only beautiful, it can bring years of good luck to your marriage!
Horseshoe: Horseshoes have always been a symbol of good luck, so find a way to subtly add one into your wedding. No matter how you celebrate your big Gilbert wedding during the month of March, it’s always a good idea to add some Irish luck! More and more often, women are trading in the idea of a wedding ring and rock for the idea of a personalized wedding ring tattoo. First on the list of money saving wedding tips was to be discrete about calling it a wedding when getting quotes. Wedding heels, or boots, or even Chuck Taylors, can add a little personality to your wedding. From flashy and unique, to classy and more traditional, the wedding heels you choose not only need to be comfortable, but need to match your personality and your wedding theme.
There are a variety of wedding cowgirl boots available, but if you truly want to be unique, get something custom made!
However, it's also the day that your mother has been waiting for, and your father has been fearing, since the day you were born. It's also the day that your best friend has been excited about since she saw you two together for the first time.
When you get engaged, one of the first things that most brides, and even grooms, tend to do it put together their wedding party. In most situations, if the bride is close to her sisters and sister-in-law they will be in the wedding, no questions asked. Speaking from experience, if a member of the bridal party backs out, for whatever reason, it’s not the end of the world.
Though it might seem like a horrible task to take on, if you want to narrow your bridal party you’ll have to tell someone the hard truth. But there's just something about having a wedding on the most romantic day of the year that brings out the, well, romantic in all of us! Check out these romantic and inspiring Valentine's Day wedding photos that we pulled from Pinterest.
Now, obviously you nor your partner are going to be offering out kisses for 5-cents on your wedding day.
Your baker can add fresh flowers, stripes, fruit, buttercream, designs with icing, ribbon and rhinestones.
They are one of the main highlights at your wedding reception that guests truly look forward to seeing what  design and flavors you have chosen.
We're stationed in Wyoming so his parents have agreed to plan everything but want me to choose the type of wedding cake I want. However, it is understandable (and applaudable) that you want to make your future in-laws happy with your choice. While the overall design may not appeal to your in-laws, two tiers of a polka dot wedding cake keep the design from being overwhelming. Though round wedding cakes with ribbons around the base of each tier aren't particularly unique, adding an accent like edible cake flowers or draping fondant will help.
Red, white, black and silver or a two-color palette will help your Louisville wedding cake bakery create an exquisite cake for your wedding! The use of delicate wedding flowers to accentuate the beauty of the cake is amazing.  My favorite design element of this particular wedding cake is all the light pink and and dark pink roses that were used between each tier. So as a big fan of chocolate, you can see why this stunning cake had to make it on my top 5!
It's not everyday a wedding cake is designed with polka dots or zebra stripes, which is why this contemporary cake was also a must in my top 5! From its seashells to the replicated brown sugared sand, I couldn't possibly have left this wedding cake off my top 5 list.
When discussing your wedding cake ideas with a local bakery, consider these trends concerning wedding cake styles, frosting and cake toppers.
Cake toppers typically centered around the bride and groom standing together arm-in-arm as if standing at the altar. Wedding cake ideas are limitless as the modern bride favors unique cake designs that showcase personality and style. Contemporary cake designs offer a wide range of designs that call for creative use of both sweet treats. Whether embracing one another as a couple or declaring the initial of the couple's surname, cake toppers are among the most well received wedding cake decorations. As more and more couples tap into their heritage to inspire their celebration, wedding cakes are also following suit with an increase in cultural wedding cakes. Winter wedding cakes, summer wedding cakes, and spring wedding cakes each bring their own unique set of shades to the palette but every pairing is as beautiful as the next. Everyone loves a good bit of dessert, but themed wedding cakes stand out with their fun and quirky appearance.
Some of the pieces are exclusive to the UK, designed specifically with the taste and style of British brides in mind.
Each look embodies a different aspect of the romanticism and elegance that epitomises the Vera Wang style. For the bride who wants to make a statement on her big day, the Modern Collection offers an array of contemporary flower varieties in a stylish palette of blush peach, dark plum and vibrant purple.
To find your nearest Vera Wang accredited florist or to order a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered by Interflora for any occasion, visit the website. Patrick’s Day Wedding Inspiration2016 Wedding Color TrendsMust Have Irish Wedding Traditions to Bring You LuckA Wedding for St.
Keep in mind where the head table will be positioned, as well as the music, cake table, buffet tables, etc.
The head table should be reserved for you, your groom, your wedding party and possibly your parents. Extra consideration should be given to reception seating when planning your seating arrangements for special-needs guests. There are endless possibilities you can draw inspiration from for beach wedding themes.There are many tricks and tips that you can use to enhance your wedding, including matching your colors with tropical flowers and nautical details like boats and seashells. Destination weddings are a very popular option for couples that want to get married on the beach but don't live near one. Many hotels and resorts on the East and West coasts of the United States, Hawaii and the Caribbean islands have wedding packages and wedding planners onsite to help with planning the details. Check with local towns for any rules or regulations that may be in place, and secure any needed permits before trying to use a public beach. Many hotels and resorts have gazebos, gardens and other locations on the property for getting married. Decorate the ceremony and reception in a beach theme, and choose tropical flowers for your bouquets and centerpieces. Identifying where to look for the ultimate deals, acquire the best value for your dollar, and be able to keep that planned budget is a really huge accomplishment. Besides being an incredibly patriotic little town, Gilbert, Arizona and our single most important wedding venue is as well extremely popular for weddings. There is so much tradition, family history and pride along with other military weddings that they are difficult to beat.
It can often mean one of two things – you are looking to stay within your budget or you are possibly searching for that patriotic symbolism to show throughout your important day.
Sure, you might not be the most organized person in many aspects of your daily life, or work life, but trust me – organizing your wedding will make a huge difference.
You don’t have to be a bridezilla and still want to control absolutely every aspect of your Gilbert wedding. In fact, many people get so overcome by wedding planning that’s exactly what they do, and they regret it in later years.
Everyone wants to stand in a beautiful red barn surrounded by mason jar lighting and old wood decor. Knowing where to find the best deals, get the best bang for your buck, and being able to stick to that predetermined wedding budget is a huge accomplishment. Our Gilbert wedding couples actually can stand with their toes in the sand and have their photographers snap some of the most amazing, beautiful photos you’ll ever see in Arizona. While DJ’s come with a lot of experience and basically run the show during the reception, if you have already picked the music and have someone you trust completely, this will help you save on your wedding budget. Tap into every art class you ever took, every Pinterest Pin you ever saw, every Etsy inspiration you’ve ever had, and use it to save on your wedding budget.
So, whether your wedding budget is large or small, there are a ton of ideas out there to make your day extra special. Which means, if Star Wars is your thing, and you want it for your wedding, then it’s our thing too!
So, right here in Gilbert, we have a wedding with a beach, a waterfall, a mountain, and everything you need for a Star Wars theme.
And one of the best ways to personify that personality is with gift bags and party favors that your guests will love. And while us Arizonans might find 85-degrees absolutely wonderful, perfect weather for a wedding, your out of town guests might find it uncomfortable and hot.
A packet of coffee paired with homemade banana bread and jam is the perfect easy-peasy spread for your guests.
If your guests are in from out of town, it can be a fun and unique way to provide them with something they might actually use during the Gilbert stay. Or course, this can’t be just any love letter that is left in an envelope next to the flowers you had delivered. You both went to the Gilbert jeweler together to make sure the wedding ring matched the engagement ring perfectly. It can be the coffee cup she uses on the morning of the wedding, the yoga mat that she uses at the spa on the day before the wedding, or even the pillow she sleeps on the night before the big day. From classic and traditional weddings, to weddings with 80’s flair, to vintage to even pirate weddings. I mean, it makes sense, seeing that you can actually put your toes in the sand while taking wedding photos! Set everything up with the tripod and make all the adjustments that you need before the couple is ready. But, let me warn you, no sunset photo that you take will compare to what a wedding photographer, a true professional, can create for you! Many times, apartment complexes will offer great rates, or even better, to apartment residents.
Yes, it’s customary and traditional for the wedding couple to send out actual wedding invitations for their big day, but you are lucky enough that e-invites or Facebook invites will be completely acceptable. Things like different varieties of bruschetta, different dips, caprisi salad, even sushi, can make the party enjoyable for everyone and not cost you an arm and a leg. Of course, working here at Val Vista Lakes, where Spring is literally in full bloom, makes me a little bit biased. Sure, there will always be the staple colors, like black an dwhite, that have withstood the test of time.

While pink tends to be incredibly feminine, a pale pink brings more of a vintage feel with it. With Springtime flower arrangements and faded boutenniers, blush color trends also inspired vintage trends. From grey linens to even grey flowers, the almost lack of color actually gives every other color in your wedding a greater pop. Patrick's Day is just a few short days away, and we wanted to get some quick ideas up for alst second additions to your Irish-themed wedding.
Sure, you can pay a fortune to have the tattoo removed, or you can have it covered, but it's still there.
You wedding ring tattoo will be personalized, custom-designed to meet the traits of you and your partner. They made some interesting points when planning your money saving wedding, and a lot of points that you wouldn’t even think to consider. It might not be incredibly ethical, but the moment they see what you drove-up in they will mark up the price. When you have your rehearsal dinner, or even reception dinner, at your favorite restaurant you will save hundreds, maybe even thousands. There should be a different one for dinner, a different one for the traditional dances, and a fun mix that everyone can get crazy to. But, with so many different styles to choose from, how do you decide on what works for you? However, it gets tricky when the sister is a bridesmaid and the sister-in-law feels left out.
Not only were you depending on that person to hold some very important responsibilities, you just wanted them there for support. This happens more often than you would think, simply because someone might get sick or there might be a family emergency. If you offer alternative responsibilities, such as helping set up the reception hall, giving a speech or ordering flowers, they’ll feel less rejected.
So, take a look and we hope to give you a bit of inspiration when planning your wedding or party. You can also feature them in different layers, serve the tiers separate, topsy-turvy style, cupcakes or even mini wedding cakes. I have no idea what to do for a traditional Southern wedding because I've never been to one and I think I would offend them if I chose something that I want like a modern wedding cake in red and black. If you truly want something with a bit more style and unique appeal, consider these wedding cake designs that are popular with southern brides in Louisville, KY. Wedding cake bakeries in Louisville Kentucky will have many talented pastry chefs who can make helpful suggestions.
The different layers of black and white designs are what caught my eye as soon as I saw this cake. Bright white fondant icing, dark red roses, and red ribbon make this square wedding cake a beautiful display. If you like a wedding cake from the photo gallery and would like to see it in the top five for August, Let us know: Vote For August Top Wedding Cake. Your local wedding cake bakeries can offer more details about the differences between buttercream and fondant. This could include a red and white wedding cake for Chinese couples following the traditions of lucky colors and other similar practices. Falling fondant leaves cascading down tiers of colorful wedding cake is a portion of the wedding reception that no autumn bride should be without.
Beach destination weddings are very popular as are the beach wedding cakes that come with them. In fact, we're one of the only wedding properties in Arizona, that I know of, that has a beach pool.
Barns have barrels, and the rustic, worn-out wood on those old barrels ties into your barn theme perfectly.
Before you start worrying about who is going to sit where, though, have a talk with your venue coordinator about the actual space that's available for guest tables. If your parents do not sit at the head table, make sure that they are directly in front of you. One to two singles per table should be sufficient, but make sure they have common interests with those that they are seated with.
You don't have to travel across the country, or go to California, to have a wedding at the beach!
Offer your guests the opportunity to come from places out of town and not worry about missing a Monday from work!
You may be able to integrate traditional wedding themes along with other vintage clothing to commemorate WWII on this huge day.
Have the folder separated into categories for the ceremony and reception, and then break those down into music, flowers, colors, themes, etc. However, your maid-of-honor or close friends can be a great help when you’re planning your Arizona wedding. When planning your Arizona wedding, sometimes the best thing that you can do is get some help. They are extremely professional and trustworthy, and will make you Arizona wedding less about stress and running all over the valley, and more about your perfect day. A year is usually the traditional time frame, and for good reason – it gives just enough time to get everything done and not kill yourself trying to do it. If you can take the time to put together the wedding music, considering all aspects of the wedding from appetizers to dinner, dancing to cake cutting, traditional mom and dad dances and everything in between, you won’t need a DJ. And if you're feeling sweet, include the recipe for that bread so they can make it again when they go home. Nope, this is the love letter that will stay with her forever, and will sneak up on her when she least expects it, because you wrote it on the bottom of her beautiful wedding heels! If you’re looking to save a bit this time around, consider hosting it at your house, or a park. If you can’t find what you’re looking for at the local party store, try Amazon! Things are tight right now, and planning a money saving wedding can be tough, but Val Vista Lakes Events is here to help. Knowing the secrets of planning your Arizona wedding is half of the battle of saving money. Think about it; all tables, chairs, linens, silver, and centerpieces are included and set-up at no extra charge. If that’s not your thing, consider a local Arizona micro-vendor, artisan or craftsman who can make a custom ring for less than stores that specialize in wedding rings.
The biggest secret to planning an affordable, money saving wedding is to give yourself plenty of time. The best man is expected to embarass the wedding couple, and the maid of honor is expected to get emotional.
This is the day that you’ve been dreaming of your entire life, so do what you want to do. Everyone is so excited that no one stops to think about how many friends and family they’ve just invited to be in the bridal party. Brides are including metallic gold foiling, lace like textures, etched and even a wooden texture within their wedding cakes. This week's Inspirational Friday is all about wedding cakes and how you can make it fit your style. Although the cake has traditional round stacked layers, the detailed frosting and color scheme for the cake make it stand out. Like I said before, pink is my favorite color which is why this wedding cake couldn't be left out on my top 5!
Although the design of this cake is simple, you can't deny its exquisite look for the wedding. Regardless, fondant wedding cakes and cakes with buttercream icing will forever grace the food tables at wedding receptions. When heritage and ethnicity play an important role at the wedding, discuss how to incorporate many of these traditions with your wedding cake bakery.
Whatever the shape and style, unusual wedding cakes are seeing a big boost among brides wishing to have a truly unique wedding. You will be able to go American apply pie themed along with red apples, white dresses, and blue roses. Consider lady’s night once a month, or even a date night with your partner to alleviate stress and grow closer as you plan your life together. You can’t be expected to do the entire thing on your own, and even if you have a wedding planner for just the day of the wedding, it will help tremendously. You might think a year is plenty of time to plan a wedding, but you’d be surprised just how quickly a year can fly by. Whether in the background or in the foreground, green linens, dresses, socks, bouquettes, even shoes, can make a beautiful statement. We try to do what we can not only in our venue prices and our local vendor recommendations, but with our blogs and information as well. And she’s right, so make sure you have a friend around to monitor the playlists and make sure they play at the appropriate times. However, if you're going to pass the microphone around the room and let everyone have a say, guests will inevitably get bored. Consider asking one of the groomsmen to take on a different role in the wedding so that your two sides can be even.
When the time comes to sit down and really plan the wedding out, you realize that there are just too many bridesmaids and groomsmen. You can add your wedding colors to your cake or keep it simple with white and add accented details.
This contemporary wedding cake photo was submitted by Gourmet On The Go, a Victorville, CA wedding cake bakery.
These are beautiful wedding cakes for any reception, but their classic style has since been pushed to the side by more original, unique wedding cakes. The idea surrounding modern wedding cakes is that each should be a reflection of the bride, so creative designs are very popular. A fondant cowboy boot atop buttercream delight is a tasty way for everyone to celebrate nuptials.
But, taking the time to write something personal to every guest who's getting a welcome bag will be a hit, we promise. When you’re done with dinner, hit the reception hall for less hours and more money to put on the bar.
You need plenty of time to learn the little secrets to saving money, put things together DIY style that will save you money, and give yourself time to breathe when you’re feeling rushed. However, be prepared for the consequences of not inviting your sisters or sister-in-law to stand with you. In my situation, when one of the bridesmaids backed out, we went ahead with the plans that were already in place. Don't be scared to contact your local wedding cake bakery about the many different location-specific themes for your cake.
This roses and fondant wedding cake was submitted by Just One Cakes, an Albuquerque NM wedding cake designer. Choose from strawberry, chocolate, red velvet, cheesecake, German chocolate and the traditional vanilla.
Place a traditional wedding cake topper, feathers, flowers and use different colors on your wedding cake.

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