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The well-known anti-white extremist George Galloway—elected to the British parliament by the non-white population of Bradford for the pro-Muslim party Respect—has typically for him—delivered a series of unpalatable truths to the UK government during the debate in which it was decided to send to send the Royal Air Force into Iraq and Syria to bomb the Islamic State terrorists.
Galloway pointed out that the Islamic State had only gained support because of the criminal activities of the British and American governments in invading Iraq in the first place; that the Islamic State was not a real army which had bases or army formations—and that tactical bombing was therefore not going to destroy them—and that the only result of the latest intervention would only cause extremism and terrorism to spread around the world.

George Galloway speaks some truths about problems in the hellhole Middle East, but the dirty people sitting in parliament are creating this situation.
Why does Saudi Arabia need to buy weapons when they are doing nothing to stop the mayhem in their part of the world?

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