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White ink tattoos use white pigment unlike the conventional black or colored and has a mild look, almost like a scar. These tattoos can go either way and an honest tattoo artist will tell you that well in advance. White ink tattoos are affected by excess sunlight which is why they are preferably placed on spots with very limited exposure to sunlight. Those going for this tattoo should not expect a tattoo that is bold and standing out like the regular black ones. The amount of detail involved in coming up with this tattoo is unbelievable and so is the experience.
White tattoos as susceptible to reactions, weather elements and household detergents among other chemicals. White ink tattoos do not follow the usual tattoo process of stenciling and outlining in black. While tats done with white ink are gaining in popularity, some issues still need to be worked out with this type of tattoo.
Another issue with white tattoos is that they are not ideal for areas of the body that will be exposed to the sun and weather elements.
Lindsay Lohan is one celebrity who wears a small white ink tat on the inside of her wrist that says Breathe. The best ones have been done by the finest in the trade as novices risk making the inks mix and having a very poorly done job at it. It is therefore up-to the owner to decide whether they can stomach the disappointment that may come with it.

Instead, the tattoo itself is completely done with white ink, leaving a ghostly image that looks quite different from a traditional tattoo. If a stencil is used, the artist must be careful to make sure the ink from the stencil does not mix with the white ink being used - this can dull the brightness of the ink.
Many people, especially those with darker skin tones, cannot absorb enough of the white ink for it to appear brightly on their skin. Since they are not easy to spot, they will most likely only be seen by those that you show.
White is often used when tattooing over black to help create "highlight" areas that would otherwise be seen on natural skin tone.If you decide to do this, make sure you work with an artist that has had success tattooing over black before - this is relatively new and not all artists have done it yet. One thing we need to know is that this tattoo is not for everyone; it fades faster than the classic, black tattoo, is more feint and it looks best on people with marginally pale skin tones. Several theories have been advanced to explain the same and the most common is the inability of the white pigment to remain visible. Remember the points we highlighted in the article and you will sure get the best white tattoo to have and hold while it lasts!
Knowing the differences with this type of tat and considering possible designs can help you decide if it's right for you.
These tattoos can look like brands (or scarification), or they can appear to be very subtle. Also, white tattoos can require several passes over the area to make sure the white ink sinks fully into the skin. White ink can turn quite dull if frequently exposed to the sun, so it's important to choose an area that will be covered when outdoors such as your chest, back or even the underside of your arm.

This meaningful tat can be a statement of your personal mantra, or simply reflect your unique personality. If a stencil is used, the artist must be careful to make sure the ink from the stencil does not mix with the white ink being used – this can dull the brightness of the ink. This post shall help us find out what is so special about white ink tattoos and what it is all about. This can be a good alternative for someone who wants a tattoo but can't have obvious body art in their work environment.
This can be a sign that your skin is actually rejecting the white ink, and you may end up with no tattoo in that area as a result. Since tattoos are permanent, choose wisely and think about your decision until you are completely confident with your choice.
Sometimes it fades to gray, other times it looks almost beige.If you get this done, let us know how it turned out!
The white ink used for tattoos is not the same ink you might have seen used for mixing shades in a color tat. Instead, it is a thicker, high quality white ink that is specially made to stand out on its own.

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