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You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. When a black tattoo can draw so much attention, what would happen if it had some colors too? If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Tribal Band Tattoos, Tribal Dragon Tattoos, Polynesian Tattoos and Hand Tattoos.
A man’s face and a tribal wolf in the same tattoo is a very unusual and interesting art form. Wolves have a habit of baying as a signal of danger for the pack that signifies imminent danger. This tattoo has simple but bold lines flanked by a single curve that shows a tribal wolf in repose.
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Coming to the symbolic significance of wolf tattoos, the wolf is associated with various negative and positive qualities. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Half Sleeve Tattoos For Women, Sun And Moon Tattoos, Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoos and Short Tattoo Quotes. Realistic wolf portrait melting into a heart and leaves symbolizes the loyalty and love of the wearer. Classic tattoo piece, etched on the forearm, symbolizes beauty and intelligence that are very much a part of the wearer’s personality. Carved on the forearm, this tattoo is an expression of the wearer’s wolf like nature.
The wolf is known for its ferocity and shrewdness and this chest tattoo represents these very traits that are also synonymous with the wearer. This guy loves horror movies about werewolves and this tattoo expresses the love and admiration.
A sign of aggression and assertiveness; this wolf tattoo represents the traits of the wearer.
Watch out two different styles of the wolf tattoo that sit on the sleeves of this boy who is extremely fascinated by the cunning animal. These two wolves symbolize the two completely different sides of the wearer’s personality.
Check out this catchy wolf tattoo that shows the hunter in an angry avatar; a symbol of power and ferocity.
Upper back tattoo carved with a wolf and kanji symbol that means protector and the wearer got it because he considers himself a savior of his family and friends.
The wolf holds great symbolic meaning for the Native American people and this is why the guy got the tattoo on his back. Dark wolf tattoo created in a different style looks very exclusive and makes an individualistic style statement. Shapely and sexy; this tribal wolf tattoo represents the agility and cleverness of the wearer. This guy believes in following his own course in life and the tattoo of the lone wolf is a symbol of the same. The piercing blue eyes of the wolf look very magical and majestic; a fitting feature of the proud hunter.

The mother got this pair of cubs as a mark of love for her sons towards whom she is super protective. The green-eyed black and white wolf, sitting on the arm of the guy, is a symbol of triumph. This tattoo serves as a source of inspiration for the wearer; reminding him to be sharp and focused.
The guy got this tattoo as a tribute to his beloved who is clever like the wolf and also a little chubby. Take a look at this wolf tattoo that has a tribal design around its neck; symbolizing the belief that the animal is a pathfinder.
The bright red rose and the black wolf are a symbol that the wearer has rebelled against his family to marry his beloved. Perfect is not the wrong word to describe this wolf tattoo that has got super fine details. This fearless and independent wearer found the wolf to be an appropriate expression of her inner self and therefore, got the tattoo. Adorned with blue, black and red shades; this wolf tattoo oozes a pretty charm that is symbolic of beauty and brains. This tattoo symbolizes the victorious cry the wearer wants to make as the ordeals in his life are over.
The tattoo artist has put in a lot of sincere effort in creating this wolf tattoo that looks quite real. The woman got herself a wolf tattoo after she became a mother in order to express her protectiveness towards her child.
Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. The usual bold lines form the wolf but the sudden little curves in make it a fantastic and creative piece of art that stands out among the rest. Simple lines have been used to create an effect of wild power that could be unleashed with just a small trigger.
The kanji tattoo letters accompany the tribal wolf tattoo to form a strange but attention seeking design. The vibrancy of the yellow, brown, gray and black shades in the design of this masterpiece has almost made the wolf come alive.
The artistic value can be gauged by how comfortable the wolf appears to be during his siesta.
The tribal wolf has been designed with bold curves and geometric shapes that from the wolf’s body. The rest of the design is very artistic just as the wolf head is, and somehow merges well to form an artistic whole.
This tribal wolf tattoo is very simple but is so artistic that the wolf’s strength and controlled power can be seen in every line. The thin outline with the brown and gray shading has shown the sheer strength of the wolf even when in repose. The filling is so detailed that the wolf looks as if he is just about to start baying to collect his pack. The furry effect and shading has brought out the grand strength that the wolf, especially the alpha male of the pack has.

This design of the tribal wolf tattoo cannot hide the power beneath the apparent relaxed mood of the wolf. The bold lines form a vague image of the wolf that gives just a hint of menace and strength.
It has just added a dash of strength to the stylish and bold tattoo with its thick dark lines and curves to form a great art piece. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Since a lot of symbolic meaning is associated with all these creatures, each animal tattoo holds special significance for people. Some are in dark and bold lines that form the tribal geometric designs along with the wolf. Just black lines have been used to show the pride of the alpha male with his head held high while watching over his pack.
The wolf itself has been designed with strange spiked lines and curves that is very artistic. When combined with the tribal tattoo in its characteristic bold geometric shapes, this is a class act. There is an unmatched artistic quality in the bold lines and curves that form the wolf making the tattoo truly attractive. The design has made the wolf come alive as if it’s just about to call the pack to attention.
The bold lines that form the wolf are very artistic especially with the slight green splashes of color in the curved shapes. The positive aspect of the tattoo is related with traits such as intelligence, shrewdness, success, loyalty, protection, etc. When you combine the two themes, you get a wonderful mix of style and artistic flavor that is an attention grabber.
But some have a slight hint of color that highlights the design of the wolf to make it a classy art form.
People get these tattoos because either they relate to such qualities or they want to inculcate the positives inside them.
These tattoos, despite their simple black color have the ability to draw attention very quickly like nothing else can. Each one is a definite attention grabber because the power of the theme itself is tremendous.
Here we have created a collection of 41 tattoos of the multifaceted wolf that will tell you more about the meaning and the design. It can be easily combined with other aesthetic elements such as quotes, tribal design, roses, etc.

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