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As you already know women were not allowed to get ink in some cultures few years back, but now time has changed, women are also getting tattoos. This may be due to the many female celebrities who are loving to get tattoos on their hand areas.
A tattoo on women hand usually makes a very public statement about her personality and interests. Since hand is an obvious part of our body and at the same time, it has enough space to hold any cute design. Though getting tattoo on hand is quite painful for women, especially on the top or side of hand. Fortunately, you may know that there are many different kinds of hand tattoos for women are available to choose from. A good looking design that some women prefer to get is a henna-style floral tattoo design on the area between the thumb and the index finger. Another spot to get Celtic or tribal designs, flowers and even quotes or wording is the side or top of the hand. However, guys and girls let's see this beautiful women showing her lovely hand tattoo design in below given tattoo picture. You can find easily something sexy or colorful and slightly intricate women hand tattoos easily just like this one. We would like to tell you that as an added benefit of this design, you can also create and personalize your own tattoo for your hand. Although some women choose women hand tattoos in order to make their hand area cute and beautiful. Ladies if you want to get more personal, going with zodiac sign glyph or symbol is the best option.
Though, using words or names either in foreign language or English language can work well here.

Getting a small tribal design on side of hand just like Rihanna tattoo is also appreciated and can be decent at the same time.
As far as color of the design is concerned you can choose either black color or any other color for your tattoo. Our Stylish website provides online resources for the best in fashion, coding and entertainment. I recall when a friend has once told me — There is always a story behind each and every tattoo. A simple black-ink baby feet tattoo with your baby’s name marked beneath on your lower hip works fine. You can also be more comprehensive information to your tattoo such as your baby’s name, birth date, time and weight.
First one as hand is a very obvious part of our body and you can easily showcase your tattoo anywhere. That's why tattoo expert always suggest to start with a small tattoo design and hand is great location for that. Tribal, Flowers, crosses, stars and butterflies would definitely look great on women's hand.
Not to mention baby feet tattoos look cute and stylish, while also displaying others the bondage between you and your baby. Additional features that you may consider would be to also place the date of your child’s birth with it. And in this case, you can continue adding baby footprint tattoos onto your arms as you and your spouse continue to bring on more family members! There is no denying that hand tattoos for women are very popular designs those are preferred by female tattoo enthusiasts. After-all, who wants to go through this painful skin-piercing process without a valid reason behind?

Well, the hospitals supply them so kindly ask the doctor or nurses to give you a copy of your baby’s footprints, or hand-prints, and you are ready set to go. A unique collection of tattoos you must like it or copy it and must share it with your friends.
Having said that, Baby feet tattoos designs are a perfect tattoo idea for the life of couples who want to express their great joy and deep love towards their newly-born baby.
The thing to make sure though is to choose the right professional tattoo artist to get it done since it will last forever on your skin.
Smart and cute girls pictures are given below there are different tattoos designs most famous. A lot of joke pictures of random English words on ladies figure have been going around, as a way of making fun kanji on westerners.
One of the hottest trends with tattoos these days are tattoos pictures and much more you want at it is. Nowadays, text tattoos becomes more and more trendy these days since more and more people choose words, names and different type of designs to look awesome and given below are the pictures which help you in the selection of best tattoos you had ever seen before. If you have already decided what to tattoo on your body, the next important thing to consider is what kind of design you would like to apply then these given below pictures help you in this matter. So you should do some research and choose your tattoo design the most stylish and most attractive design like you also select design from given below picture and make a tattoo on your body.

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