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Becoming an Interview registered user allows you to save content into Your Library and share with others. Enter the email address you signed up with, and a message will be sent to reset your password. AM: It's funny, when you think of motorcycles and art, you think of Michael Heizer in the early '70s in the desert.
The artist, in fact, made lots of marks when he unleashed a crew of motorcyclists to pop burnouts on a floor of painted boards last year at New York's Park Avenue Armory. He also sprays surfer tags on his enameled-bronze rocks, creates sculptures that look like broken-down chain-link fences (dipped in gold), and even burns the impression of Jesus Christ onto corneas after a viewer stares at one of his psychedelic silk-screen paintings for 30 seconds. Young is a Californian by birth and also by artistic practice—he's like a hippie who wised up to hard reality and is now part tough guy, part total sweetheart. His work deals in that ongoing scrimmage between countercultural expression and commercial artifact.
These days, especially to do a big performance in New York, it costs a lot of money to produce. As the downtown art star prepares for another motorcycle performance in Moscow and a solo show at New York City's Bortolami Gallery in November, he talks with his friend and fellow artist Adam McEwen about trips, trades, and trade-offs in Young's new apartment. Her image Treasure Hunt, for example, is based on the artist’s childhood memories and took her three months to craft the thousands of wire leaves which evoke a wonderland atmosphere.

Broken Heart, on the other hand, is based on  the Korean expression, “like breaking a stone with an egg”–representing an ineffectual effort against an overwhelming hardship. Everybody starts to pick apart all of that stuff that went in to producing it, rather than the idea itself. Where did you get those?AY: I had to go to Duane Reade the other day to get passport pictures for a visa for Moscow. Why are you going to Moscow?AY: To make a performance similar to the one that I did last September with motorcycle riders.
This time we're using all motorcycle riders from Moscow to have more of a social-sculpture aspect. I was supposed to go with my main motorcycle rider, Wink 1100 from the Bronx, but he's having problems with his passport. When I was there the last time, some guy tried out for me in the garden restaurant while we were having dinner.
People think of California as natural, and then you copy those over-the-counter 75-cent pill packets. It goes from a hippie with a daisy in her hair to the fake energy supplement at the deli counter. AY: You could become a local whether you lived an hour away or not, just as long as you surfed there at least three or four times a week.

But you'd have to get your way into that "lineup," is what they call it, when you're out in the water. AM: It's funny how many of those West Coast conceptual artists were really just stoners tripping out, getting into nerve endings.
And also confiscating drugs from all of the little kids and reselling them at the same parties!
Some people use it as this crutch that forms the armature of their piece, as in, "This is a validated artwork that I am referencing. This makes it legit artwork because it's referencing this brush stroke or these colors." You need to make up your own armature. But I also want my art to go to people who really want it.AY: Well, what if the dentist is a collector?

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