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K2 Ad Hoc Task Management Accelerator

Ad Hoc Task Management Solution enables users in an organiztion to create, assign and track various task requests from other users.
This solution is specifically targetted for ad hoc requests, as opposed to routine requests which are typically implemented in a more rigorous way.
The request form, completed by an employee, captures the necessary details about the task and the assignees, then starts a workflow that will create tasks for the selected employee(s). Assignees also have the option to request for more information if they are unable to complete the task with the details provided. Once the task has been completed, the originator will be notified. If any interested parties have been added, they will also receive a notification upon completion.

Workflow Process

Ad Hoc Task Management Workflow

Submission Form

Ad Hoc Task Management Form


Home screen for users
Users are able to see requests they submitted and requests that are assigned to them for work.

Sounds Interesting?
Unlike most other accelerators, this accelerator can be used mostly as is. The only thing you could consider is to implement via SQL database vs SmartBox, but we feel SmartBox may suffice in this case since this solution is primarily tracking ad-hoc requests.

Accelerator Version