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K2 Application Accelerators – What’s in it for you?

K2 announced availability of six application accelerators recently. These include:

  • Leave Request
  • New Idea Submission
  • Expense Claim
  • Ad hoc Task Management
  • Travel Request
  • Incident Management

You can download them from K2 website.

The application accelerators are simple proof of concepts to accelerate your knowledge of building K2 solutions. You can use them to learn SmartForms, Workflow and SmartObjects. Since these accelerators use SmartBox, a very constrained database facility for any serious enterprise class applications, we recommend you consider building your own database/SmartObject layer as your backend to get these accelerators enterprise ready.

In our early testing, we encountered numerous minor issues though most were surmountable. We recommend you deploy these in a sandbox environment and modify for your needs. In case you need to see demo of a specific accelerator or have questions, please feel free to contact us at K2@infomajesty.com

In next few blog posts, we will review them in depth.