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K2 Change Management Request Accelerator

This application allows users to submit a Request for Change (RFC) and go through a process of approval and authorization before finally creating an initial Change Plan. The application is designed to be generic and may need some modifications in order to comply with specific implementations.
The request form submitted by a company employee captures the RFC details and passes them onto a Change Analyst role. The person serving as the Change Analyst can then decide whether the information is valid or not. It can also be routed for rework. If the information is valid, a priority will be set, which will determine the authorizing party. The task will be assigned to a Change Manager if the priority is not an emergency. If it is an emergency, the RFC will be routed to the Emergency Change Advisory Board. Following authorization, the RFC will be passed onto the Change Coordinator who will fill out the details of the Change Plan and Change Requirements before submission.

Workflow Process
Change Analyst Review
Change Manager or Enterprise Change Approval Board Authorization
Change Coordinator Processing

Change Management Workflow

Submission Form

Change Management Form

Change Classification Types
Change Priority

Home screen for users
Users are able to see requests they submitted and requests that are assigned to them for approval.

How does this help you?
If you are looking to use this as a baseline for building an enterprise strength Change Management Solution, here are a few things we recommend you do:

  • Move from Smartbox SmartObjects to your own SQL database.
  • Remove originator from the destination rules. We believe this is done primarily for ease of testing and demonstration.
  • Convert from web designer workflow to K2 Studio/Visual Studio based workflow.

Accelerator Version