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K2 Document Review Accelerator

This solution allows users to complete a document submission for various types of documents (all configurable) and have the document approved. The solution is designed to be generic and may need some modifications in order to comply with specific implementations.
The document submission form submitted by a company employee captures the document details and then assigns tasks dynamically to another employee serving as a reviewer. The reviewer may decide if the document is suitable or not. If the reviewer thinks there needs to be revision, the form may be routed back for rework.

Approval Process

Document Review Workflow

Submission Form

Document Review Form

Document Review Categories

Home screen for users
Users are able to see requests they submitted and requests that are assigned to them for approval.

How does this help you?
This is a very basic accelerator. If your process is indeed this simple, you can use the application as is, just make sure to remove originator from the destination rules (We believe this is done primarily for ease of testing and demonstration).
Else, just primarily use this for learning purposes.

Accelerator Version