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K2 Expense Claim Accelerator

Expense Claim Approval automates approval routing for expenses incurred by company employees.
The workflow captures the initial request form, completed by an employee and assigns a task to his or her manager as configured in Active Directory. If the initial approval is successful and the total amount being claimed is more than $5000, another task is assigned to the Finance Manager. If all required approvers accepted the claim, the Finance Department will be assigned a task to process the reimbursement.

Approval Process
Manager/Supervisor Approval: Approve, Reject or Rework (Send back to Originator)
If the manager approves and total claim is greater than $5K, send to Finance Manager (K2 Role) for approval
If the manager approves and the total claimed amount is less than $5,000, send to Finance Group (K2 Role) for processing.

Expense Claim Accelerator Workflow

Submission Form
Expense Claim Accelerator Submission

The solution offers two main lookup values that can be set up administratively : Expense Categories and Currencies

Home screen for users
Users are able to see requests they submitted and requests that are assigned to them for approval.
One additional thing here: Users can save expense claims before submitting. Home screen has a section that shows users their “drafted” (saved but not submitted) claims.

Sounds Interesting?
If you are looking to use this as a baseline for building an enterprise strength Expense Claim Approval Solution, here are a few things we recommend you do:

  • Move from Smartbox SmartObjects to your own SQL database.
  • You will need to use a web service to obtain currency conversion rates in real time. The accelerator uses conversation rates from an administratively configured lookup list which is quite impractical
  • Second approval, for cases where amount is beyond manager’s approval limit, the approval may have to be routed to manager’s manager. In this case, you can use the AD smartobject to look up manager’s manager and assign it to that user
  • Convert the workflow project to a K2 Studio or Visual Studio based workflow project. Currently, the workflow is designed using Web Designer Workflow which is somewhat limited. Converstion can be done by exporting the process from K2 Management Console, unpacking the kprx file and importing it into K2 Studio or Visual Studio Project.
  • Remove originator from the destination rules. We believe this is done primarily for ease of testing and demonstration.
  • You may want to make approval limit for the manager configurable

Accelerator Version