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K2 Incident Management Accelerator

This accelerator is a support/help-desk solution for your organization.
It is modeled around the ITIL Incident Management guidelines. The application is built as a generic solution and may need to be adapted to your situation. The request form, completed by a Service Desk Agent, captures the necessary details about the incident, then starts a workflow that will route the request to the relevant employee(s) in order to get resolved. The request can also be escalated to 2nd level support. Once resolved, the request will be routed to the caller for final verification.

Approval Process
First Level Support
Second Level Support
Confirmation of Resolution by Submiiter

Travel Request Accelerator Workflow

Submission Form

Travel Request Accelerator Form

There are a number of lists that can be configured for this accelerator.

  • Support Categories, Sub Categories, Incident Types and Resolution Types
  • Priorities and Corresponding SLAs
  • Locations and Services

Home screen for users
Users are able to see requests they submitted and requests that are assigned to them for approval.

How does this help you?
If you are looking to use this as a baseline for building an enterprise strength Incident Management Solution, here are a few things we recommend you do:

  • Move from Smartbox SmartObjects to your own SQL database.
  • Configure various administrative lists
  • Remove originator from the destination rules. We believe this is done primarily for ease of testing and demonstration.

Accelerator Version