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K2 4.6.9 – What’s in it for you?

K2 released version4.6.9 – now both BlackPearl Server and K2 SmartForms use the same versioning scheme. Yay!!

Here are the major highlights

K2 SmartForms

  • Stacked List Control – You can now arrange your checkboxes and radio buttons by rows and columns
  • Rules are now grouped by views and forms
  • The layout of the rules designer has changed to “side-by-side”. Gone is the tiny text area that the rule editor earlier was. Nice!
  • Ability to do a “for” loop for each item in the list – Earlier, this was way more complex that necessary. Now it’s easy.
  • Lithium Theme – once you see it, this is the only theme you would want to use of all the available themes.

K2 BlackPearl

  • In addition to “Datetime”, you now have two additional data types – “Date” and “Time”.
  • The default email template got a grooming. It now looks like it belongs to the current era

K2 Control Pack

  • Tree View Control
  • Time Based events (earlier, we can only do something based on user actions. Now we can stay on top of lazy or inactive users.

K2 Mobile

  • Offline Forms
  • Application Forms


We will blog about these topics in details in coming weeks. If you want to see any of these features in action, please contact us.