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Serial Approvals in K2 Workflow

A situation may arise during the design of your Business Process Workflow, when there is a need to have a group of people approve a task serially.
Notifications to action the task will be sent to everyone in the group at the same time, but the task will progress to the next step only after all assignees of the task have actioned it. If one person rejects the task, the action item recedes to the previous step.

Below is a step by step on successfully implementing the Destination Users on a Activity in a K2 Workflow:

Run the Destination Rule wizard for the Activity in Advanced mode:


Choose “All at once” in the Destination Rule Options:

 Choose “Create a slot for each destination” in the Destination Rule Options:
Add a new Destination Set:
Define the new Destination Set by splitting the Approver Team Members field   by the delimiter which is used to separate the email addresses sent to the workflow: