When Madhuri Banerjee (inset, below) dropped by at our offices the other day, she sportingly informed us of the top five things a clingy girlfriend will most likely demand of you this World Cup. So it only seemed fair to get her to tell us just how you, our dear readers, can tackle your respective clingy girlfriends. It's annoying when you're in the middle of watching a game and your girlfriend wants you to pay the bills, talk about your relationship, or even have sex. Now you can't use this often but for that crucial last overs of a cricket match or the over time of a soccer match, etc. If you don't want to get married to her, you need to tell her, "I'm not ready to get married yet.
Remember to take your phone and all other valuables and stay there for at least two hours before venturing out or you could be in big trouble. A woman can't imagine why you need time away from her when you spend all your time at work anyway. You need to tell her gently: "I am stuck in a meeting with my boss who insists I have a drink with him later.
So again, be tactful and explain to her that for you love, sex and romance are the same things.
The romance books she reads or the Shah Rukh Khan movies she makes you watch with her are as shocking to you as porn is to her.
She will tell you that you need to share everything with her once you're in a relationship, including your passwords. But beware, once a woman goes into your social media sites, she will pour over the photos of every woman on your Friends or Following list and question you till you will want to commit suicide. Playing video games can represent a significant investment of time, especially depending on what you play. Some games are easier to pick up, play a little and step away from, particularly anything that?s focused on an intense, fast-paced multiplayer experience.

Start Simple: There?s a reason why the Wii is so popular and it has less to do with a love for overweight plumbers than ease of operation. Know Thy Girl Gamer: It?s extremely important to select what you?re going to play based on who you?re trying to play with. Give Her The Reins: Letting your initiate control the pace and frequency of gaming can be crucial to not burning them out.
If i had a wife like the first picture(The one in white) i think i would be playing something else!! But if you?re like me and love games like Fallout 3, Mass Effect or Dragon Age Origins where exploration and deviation from the main plotline is encouraged it can be difficult to get full satisfaction from a scant few minutes of gaming. Modern controls are encrusted with buttons, knobs and joysticks that we manipulated with practiced ease. If your initiate is the type to hide behind pillows during a horror film, co-op Resident Evil might not be the best choice. I know there are few cases where I?m against the idea of playing video games, but your initiate might need a break now and then.
It?s no fun to be the first one out, sitting on the sidelines and watching everyone else have fun. In youth it?s easy to devote scads of time to exploring every digital world you come across, but in adulthood it becomes harder to fit into your schedule.
Either of the Viva Pinata games are an excellent choice for those who abhor violence and love cute things, though there you have to deal with the inevitable demise of cute pinatas by more predatory ones. When a particularly frustrating boss battle arises, many of us feel a certain challenge to our prowess is implied and labor as though under a geas, throwing ourselves at the foe or obstacle until it is broken under our relentless onslaught. Having a girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse who ?just doesn?t get it? can be a hassle, since they might rather spend leisure time watching television, building birdhouses or something. I myself took the better part of a year to truly master the double analog stick FPS control scheme.

My fiancee has always been a big X-Men fan and was excited about getting to play as some of her favorite characters. I stand as living proof that not only can gamers everywhere continue to play long after settling down into a loving, happy relationship, but that it is indeed possible to make gaming a shared pass-time between you and your girlfriend. Fighting games like Street Fighter or Soul Calibur can be good jumping off points, because you can control the level of difficulty by choosing versus matches and simple button mashing can be extremely fun. Reading FAQs online to help give suggestions on how to best utilize their character is helpful as well, since they?ll likely by a bit overwhelmed by some of the endless numbers or statistics.
Remember, these are just our top 5 tips to your girlfriend into gaming, there?s no guaranteed way of pulling someone (especially an uninterested female) into the world of video games and it all comes down to the individual person. In that case the best you can hope for is a better understanding for your hobby by the person you are attempting to get into gaming. If you can accomplish that at least the two of you will connect on some level, even if it is just small steps. Tutorials Aren?t Enough, Games are Hard: No matter how basic you think a game is you?ll arrive at a point where your initiate is confused or boggled by the on-screen directions.
Remember that this guide does not apply to those girl gamers that are so skilled at gaming they would even kick my ***, this is by no means meant to be a sexist article as girls have the same ability to be gamers as guys do. It?s exceedingly important to be patient and willing to explain anything and everything about the game.
If circumstances permit, allow your initiate to play around a bit and experiment with what they can do.
Giving a refresher on controls each play session may be necessary and should be encouraged.

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