This time last year I was a senior in high school, and I went through a pretty messed up break up. Having been a huge part of each other's lives for all of our teenage years, we had a lot of history.
By not being available and apologizing with an insincere brief description of what I was actually doing instead of answering him, I knew I was grabbing his attention. So, to come full circle and leave you with a piece of mind, here are some wise words from the poet connoisseur herself, Victoria Erikson.“When connections are real, they simply never die. My boyfriend at the time -- being the school year above me as well as my significant other of the five years prior -- went off to college and we mutually agreed we would break up so he could have the "college experience.” Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to enjoy my senior year of high school with the friends that I had grown up with since elementary school and have all the experiences I could not have had while having a boyfriend for so long. We spent holidays with each other's families and traveled through Europe together when I turned 16. During our relationship, we both knew everything about what we were doing every minute, and although we tried giving each other a break for a month or two after our break up, once we started talking again, the automatic expectation of nothing everything about everything we were doing was rekindled. We hung out and talked as friends.I tried my best to not make what we did together when we hung out as friends like a date.
I did not stray from letting him know what I was thinking.I am pretty blunt, especially when it came to my ex-boyfriend. So, we went our separate ways but because the break up was mutual, we remained in contact since we both knew we could not so easily adapt to not speaking to the one person we talked to every day for the last five years.Fast forward two months after the break up, a few hook ups on each of our parts, fights, rekindles, and freak outs later.

We went to visit my grandmother in Florida, I was there to comfort him when his childhood dog died, and we shared many more life-altering experiences.
We used to often hang out with our friends when we were dating, so when we hung out as friends with our friends, old habits were hard to ignore. If you’ve deeply resonated with another person or place, the connection remains despite any distance, time, situation, lack of presence, or circumstances.
I could not mentally cope and I missed how things used to be, more than ever, and what we were choosing to live with now.
By reminding him of what we have shared and not hesitating to bring up memories, we were able to laugh and cry together. For example, when we would hang out with our mutual best friend, we would often cook together and obviously want to be touchy with each other like we used to be. Yes, I believe my bluntness was a reason for our demise, but I knew that was something we loved about each other. If you’re doubtful then just try it -- go and revisit a person or place and see if there’s any sense at all of the space between now and then.
The experiences I was searching for turned out not to be my style, and I could not help but miss the wonderful times we shared. Remembering that the good outweighed the bad helped him see five years of our lives does not have to end.3.

So when we hung out as friends with our best friend, I could obviously tell he wasn’t subjective to doing the things we used to do. So when I wanted to kiss him, I told him I did and although he was definitely surprised by my accusation, we kissed. If it was truly real, you’ll be swept back into the moment it was before it left during the same year and place with the same wonder and hope, comfort and heartbeat. At that point, my plan to get my ex-boyfriend back was initiated and, yes, I did get him back, and this is just how I did it.1. We were comfortable with each other and we realized that we could not just be friends the more we hung out again. I tried my best to be the person he fell in love with.I was in eighth grade and he was a freshman in high school when we first fell in love with each other. When I was in class, I would not answer his reply, when I was on my breaks at cheerleading practice, I would look at the message but not answer his texts until after practice ended. When he came home from school to watch the football games, I made sure I was cheering my 100 percent best, looking beautiful and laughing with my teammates.

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