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The very essence of Christmas lies in the birthday celebration of Jesus Christ, the son of Almighty God and the Savior for Christians. Yes, I am planning to send out Christmas cards to my friends and loved ones but I was caught being blank – not to know what to write on it. This is the time when the whole world, well except  non-Catholic and non-Christian country, celebrate the day with merriment and zeal. People send Christmas Wishes and business are getting geared up for expected shopping spree.

I am not sure if I just feel lazy because the holiday season just started and I think that’s what called Christmas Spirit. Now that I remember those beautiful christmas lights and decorations, I think I can have inspiration in writing Christmas messages.
Since you may be feeling the Christmas spirit now, I thought you might need some ideas for Christmas wishes and messages. If you are like me who are planning to send Christmas cards to friends and relatives, see my samples of Christmas messages. So please read through the below messages and I am sure that you will find some great messages .

So here come some samples of Christmas card messages and greetings that you can write on your card. Nations conducted wars to protect his teaching and people devoted one day to visit church and praise him.

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