It is estimated that nearly one out of every six couples is affected in some way by infertility. Sunset - a gift to our senses * Photo via Flickr by NeilsPhotographyAfter an intense post yesterday, today I thought I'd share something much happier! A new campaign against domestic abuse is starting in Peterborough focussing on the problem in teenage relationships. ESP is pleased to support the latest campaign and the awareness fortnight starting on November 25. While we may think that our teenagers could never be affected by domestic abuse, the truth is that it does occur in teenage relationships.  Teenagers who are experiencing abuse can often view it as something to put up with, or will normalise the issue, telling themselves that ‘it’s just the way things are – everyone else is doing it’ or ‘it’s ok’. Everybody deserves to have a healthy relationship with love, trust, good communication, shared interests, sex with consent, privacy, fun, laughter, loyalty, compliments, compromise and equality. This year in Peterborough the campaign focuses on raising awareness of domestic abuse amongst young people. Peterborough Lions Rugby Football Club and Peterborough Rugby Union Football Club will be supporting the campaign by wearing white armbands during their game at Bretton Gate on November 30.
White ribbons can be purchased from the reception areas of the Town Hall on Bridge Street or Bayard Place on Broadway. What’s more heart wrenching is having to listen to a mother disclose how desperately low she feels and how afraid she is at the hands of the man she loves.Too often than not she knows that the verbal abuse is wrong, yet somehow justifies this abuse as being normal, everyone argues right?

Everyone’s being urged to show support by wearing a White ribbon during Domestic Abuse Awareness Fortnight between November 25 and December 9.
All donations go to Peterborough Women’s Aid who provide help and support to men and women who have experienced domestic abuse. 30-60% of perpetrators of intimate partner violence also abuse the children in the household. I did fall for his empty promises and believed he wanted to change and I took him back for the 100th time.
1   A tragedy deepened by the often fatal reality that most cases of Domestic Violence are not reported to the police. 2 Child abuse or neglect is often associated with physical or disfiguring injuries, delayed physical growth and even neurologic damage. I was already living with him and we had bills and everything else that comes with having a home to pay for. Child maltreatment is also associated with psychological and emotional problems such as post-traumatic stress syndrome, depression and aggression.
Personally for me the verbal abuse damaged me more than any other form of abuse he inflicted upon me during our relationship.
Infant homicides are classified as deaths purposefully inflicted by another person on a child less than one year old. Between 1997 and June 2010, 755 Domestic Violence fatalities occurred in Washington State.

Physical abuse did follow the verbal abuse in our case, although it does not always follow I have during my time online talking to other survivors of domestic violence, this cycle is very common.I do believe that we all have a choice and if an abuser wanted to change then with the correct support they could, but I also believe you should not stay with them through this process. This figure excludes deaths from suicide by women who were actively being abused. In 2008 alone, 187 women in Washington State died from suicide, more than three times the number of women who were murdered that year.
We cannot clearly know how many of those women’s suicides were directly tied to not being able to escape a severely abusive relationship.
If children have a good relationship with the non-abusing parent or can access other sources of support, this can increase their resilience.By no means do all children who have lived with domestic violence grow up to become either victims or abusers. 3 Since 1997, at least 148 of the Domestic Violence Victims murdered in Washington State had children living with them at home when they were killed.
Finances played some part and although I was a victim to a variety of abuse forms I still loved my husband and desperately fought to help him change. 3 Since its inception, Multimedia Seattle’s Western Washington Domestic Violence Prevention and Outreach Program has strived to increase awareness and access to our communities critical Domestic Violence Shelters and Advocacy Programs through our educational Domestic Violence Outreach television Public Service Announcements, Multimedia Seattle’s Online Western Washington Domestic Violence Prevention and Outreach Directory, community engagement and our work through the Clinton Global Initiative.During the 2012 program year, Multimedia Seattle is proud to expand its Western Washington Domestic Violence Outreach through the implementation of the “A Bear for Me?
Your abuser may also threaten you or threaten to hurt those you care for.If you feel you may be in an abusive relationship I urge you to seek help and support.

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