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That's what a Turkish Proverb would have us believe, and I'd like to think it was talking about the ups and downs that accompany any long-term, fulfilling romantic relationship. Relationship quotes that cover the good, the bad and the ugly of being romantically involved with someone else.
So, yes, the quotations I have personally assembled and hand-picked are intended to be about relationships between ourselves and a significant other, but I'm sure most quotes can equally apply to ALL types of relationships, I'm sure they can. And if you're interested in solving relationship problems, via the power of quotes about relationships or otherwise, then why not check out our brand new relationship forum advice page! Which, with the help of Mr Cosby, leads me seamlessly to the funny quotes section of this quotes about relationship page.
It just seems like, every girl I like is either taken or doesn't feel the same way I feel about them which leaves me to suffer in the friend zone.
Love advice implies advice and guidance on matters of the heart such as love and relationships. It is often advised to keep personal matters to you and not go about sharing them with others. She left her house and moved into a new house after marriage, it was a new life all together, she had a new identity, she was a wife. When Mom is cooking in the kitchen she always call for me and tells me she needs help because it’s a two person recipe. I love the bond that I share with my mother, we sit on her bed and talk about all the random things in the world till late in the night.The evenings when I sip my coffee and she, her tea in the balcony.
I think my mother completes me but she says it is me who has completed her, she has taught me to smile even in the hardest of times and she says I have taught her to dream and live again.

One day a daughter has to leave her house and her mother behind to embark a new journey in her life, this doesn’t mean the bond she shares with her mother weakens, in fact now she understands her mother much better. Sometimes, being solo is wiser than being in a false relationship.Being single doesn't mean that you know nothing about love. How 'bout you rest up for just a moment, and watch this short video called About Relationships (lasts 5mins,36s).
That would be obvious, wouldn't it, and nobody wants to be 'obvious' in any kind of relationship. Advice is seldom welcome and those who want it the most often want it the least and same is the case with love advice.
But someone is needed to guide you when the relationship goes through turbulent times or is in troubled waters. She accepted all of this and gave her best in return, she tried to handle situations like her mother did.
The times when we play candy crush or bubble mania together on the Ipad and high five when we cross a level. Being in a relationship is not about only the easy times but the testing times are the real test.
Only after she left her mother’s house did she realize the true depth of their relationship. I know she can manage alone but she just wants to spend more time with me and in the process hand her talent of cooking delicious food to me. Advice on love issues and relationships can help one to sort out problems in one's relationship. One thing that always scared her was will she be able to give the same love to her own daughter like her mother did?

I loved kitchen sets and my mother bought all the latest ones in the market for me, she must have eaten thousands of my imaginary cooked lunches and dinners with me. Once in school, the mother teaches her nursery rhyme, alphabets, teaches her to read and write, she helps her with her homework.
I find it very difficult to shop with my Mom, I don’t think anyone can advice me the way she does, I know in the world she is the only person who would want me to have the best after all.
The times when we listen to old hindi music together and sing along, she more melodious than me. She would tell me stories of all the things she did with her mother, I still love listening to her stories even though I know them by heart, but the twinkle in her eyes and smile on her face while narrating her childhood memories is my favourite expression on her.
Mom and I do a lot of crazy things together and am so glad that I have got that zest to live life to the fullest from her. She tries to understand her daughter’s psychology and at the same time tries to imbibe good values in her.
In a lot of ways I am like her and I take that as a compliment, I think all daughters should. A mother is her daughter’s teacher, confidante, guide,advisor and her best friend for life.

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