She'd always believed that people come in two varieties: those who look out the windshield and those who stare in the rearview mirror.
I am 28 years old and i have dealt with addiction for 10 year, using painpaills,heroin, oxy,whatever. So I was at lunch with my 3 best friends when this girl ( who happens to be best friends with my crush) comes over and says my crush likes my best friend! I haven't actually been diagnosed with Schizophrenia but I seem to have most if not all of the symptoms.

I can be perfectly fine for a few minutes an hour and then this feeling a kind of emptiness or fear and sadness hits me and it's like i can't breathe. The epidemic of loneliness isn't approaching, it's already here, but studies suggest it's rising fast.
She'd always been the windshield type: gotta focus on the future, not the past, because that's the only part that's still up for grabs. I'm new here and don't know exactly how this works but I'm finally coming to terms with the fact that my live in girlfriend of five years has NPD.

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