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All brand names and trademarks mentioned in this site are the property of their respective owners. With the ninth season premiere of Deadliest Catch upon us, fans are expected to return to watching our captains duke it out in the shores of the Bering Sea — minus one key player.
In a sneak peak video of the season premiere, the only captain missing is Elliott Neese, who’s nowhere to be found, according to Yahoo!. Neese’s absence on the show Deadliest Catch may come as a shocker, but his rivals say they saw it coming. Neese faced another disaster when his boat sailed straight into a thick sheet of ice, according to the Huffington Post.
I feel sorry for the mothers, wives and children that’s going to be left behind when Elliott Neese if not stopped instead of supported ends up killing his crew.
After reading all the reviews below I am truly surprised at everyones generosity toward Neese.

Please remove this sorry excuse of a Captain from the show and pull his ticked to ever command another vessel. I would love to come up there and kick the crap out of the people who write you and are negative and call you a wigger and a addict. Sorry but the man is a mess and an has no right to play God with people’s lives, he has got kids and so do the come of the crew, it’s called the deadliest catch for a reson!!! Neese is Drug addicted and should not be in charge of a rubber boat in a bath tub he is a danger to any sea faring crew. The young captain was given a citation from the State Wildlife Troopers after they found an undersized blue king crab on his boat, the Ramblin’ Rose.
Neese clashed with the ship’s owner, refusing to move the boat out of the harbor during a huge ice storm.
I am certain that I have seen more salt water run down the urnal than Neese has floated across calling himself a so called captain. The crab was surrendered to the state and Neese was arraigned in the Alaskan District Court last January.
In February 2012, the mother of Neese’s two kids accused him of harassing her with phone calls and text messages, claiming he called her 38 times and left her 15 text messages in one hour.

It’s another thing entirely to operate a fishing boat as wasted as this guy CLEARLY was all the time. Gunderson was granted a temporary restraining order against Neese, who said she fears for her well-being because of Neese’s fiery temper, according to Entertainment Weekly.
Discovery promoted this season saying that Neese would be putting everything on the line to get out of his debt with only $10 to his name. Valerie said in her petition that Elliott has a drinking and drug problem and has physically hurt her in the past.
In a tweet, he answered a fan’s question about his relationship recently, saying that things are fine between the two. I feel so sorry for his dad who tried to help him through this whole thing but Elliot just wouldn’t listen.

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