Back extension bench, or the Roman chair is one simple and yet effective exercise machine to develop and straighten your lower back, as well as abdomen, glutes, and hamstrings. If you decide to make this Roman bench plan, be sure to read some of the instruction on the internet how to use this fitness equipment in order to avoid unnecessary injuries. NOTE: The measurements within this text and 2D documentation are given both in millimeters and inches (in brackets).
Use various tools and clamps in process of welding, so you could weld the items together with accuracy.

All woodworking and metalworking plans are under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. The measurements are given in millimeters, while the measurements given in inches are in brackets (1 inch = 25, 4 mm). Die abgerundeten Stahlrohrrahmen verleihen den Geraten nicht nur eine au?ergewohnliche Optik, sondern machen sie auch uberaus stabil und haltbar.
Die Rahmenkonstruktion aus robustem Hochleistungsstahl macht unsere Gerate besonders stabil und langlebig.

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