I did so through 21 commissioned pieces from 18 artists around the world each representing different artistic styles or fandoms that play an important role in our relationship, which, to a great extent, grew around nerd and online communities. Once I had commissioned the pieces, I had to find a way to get them in front of my girlfriend, Simone H Smith, who uses the username LadyTechnocracy on Reddit , during her daily routine.
I was going to leave as little up to chance as possible and had about ten pages of pre-written replies and cross posts to other subreddits to ensure that at least one post would make it to the front page (both of my initial posts made it to the front of their respective subreddit and one to the default front page of Reddit). After seeing the post and having me propose to her, LadyTechnocracy (Simone Smith, in real life) was completely overwhelmed. Within a day, not only had Reddit exploded in response, but we had been covered in CNET, PC Magazine, BetaBeat, Business Insider, The Daily Dot , and the wedding section of the Huffington Post.
We were frequently referred to as "neckbeards" (a term used to describe the stereotype of the unemployed, fat, socially incompetent geek living in his mother's basement). Others wondered why I chose to spend my money commissioning art rather than take Simone to a fancy restaurant, on helicopter ride, etc.
After agreeing that my proposal would not seem romantic to most people, Simone commented in the Advice Animals thread that my proposal "however, epitomizes all my favorite things, as well as many elements that bought us together. One of the uniquely-interesting things regarding criticism about the proposal's nerdiness is that it was often levied with a side note of "except x," in which the individual making the criticism admitted to liking one nerdy thing but being confused as to how anyone could enjoy the others.
Hanna happily said yes to Howard’s proposal and the two couldn’t be any more in love! An entrepreneur since childhood, Michele is proud to have left her Air Force and corporate career behind to start her own business that she is truly passionate about.
Check into one of these charming hotels, inns and B&Bs on your romantic weekend trip to Victoria, British Columbia.
Relax with a view in Big Sur, enjoy wine tasting in Napa Valley and explore the Monterey Peninsula on your weekend trip. From great views and romantic parks to unique attractions and world-famous museums, Chicago is a great destination for couples. Check into one of these beautiful inns, hotels and lodges for a weekend of romance and relaxation.
Relax on scenic sandy beaches, explore charming coastal towns or rejuvenate surrounded by nature in a national park.
Romantic South Beach getaways are known for their luxury service, gorgeous ocean views, pools and iconic Art Deco architecture.
Best romantic vacation ideas include luxury resorts, relaxing inns and country weekend hideaways for couples.
Plan a romantic trip to Carmel-by-the-Sea and stay in one of these beautiful inns, B&Bs or hotels. Plan a weekend getaway to Newport where you can relax and rejuvenate at one of these stylish hotels. From ocean view hotels to quiet country inns, Rhode Island offers vacationers many great options.
A trip to a city is the perfect time to stay at an inn where you will get a chance to meet fellow travelers, enjoy delicious breakfast in the morning and get to know the local beat. Plan a romantic weekend getaway to Virginiaa€™s wine country and stay at Goodstone Inn & Restaurant. Plan a romantic weekend getaway to one of these unique hotels, romantic inns and cozy B&Bs in Arkansas.
Priding itself on providing a glimpse of a simpler time, Butterfly Meadows Inn and Farm is the perfect change of pace away from the bustle of city life. Foster Harris House near Shenandoah National Park is a beautiful romantic getaway from Washington, DC.
Get away for a weekend of stunning ocean views and romantic accommodations at Land's End Inn in Provincetown. Plan a romantic weekend getaway to Lake Placid Lodge, featuring wood burning fireplaces, privacy and beautiful views. Whether you are planning a quick romantic weekend getaway to a nearby inn, or going on a longer vacation at a beach resort, dona€™t finalize your plans without reading our travel guide which includes money saving tips, ideas and photos. Look for all inclusive packages: Certain resorts are well known for offering some of the best all inclusive packages where all your meals, activities and accommodations are taken care of. Anniversary vacation ideas: If you are dreaming of a celebration which involves several generations traveling together, your trip will need a bit of planning so that you can pick a destination which will please most participants.
Vow Renewals: Renewing your wedding vows is a wonderful way to celebrate your time as a couple. Anniversaries: If you are dreaming of a celebration which involves several generations traveling together, your trip will need a bit of planning so that you can pick a destination which will please most participants.
Romantic Honeymoon: Honeymoon is a very special time for the new couple to get away to an amazing new destination. Romantic Beach Getaways: A romantic trip to the beach is one of the best ways to relax, get a little tan and re-connect with your loved one. Romantic Weekend Ideas: Many couples end up taking romantic weekend getaways together rather than longer vacations since ita€™s often difficult to get away from work and family obligations for a whole week or longer. Bahamas: Although Paradise Island is the most famous for its activities and scenic location, there are many other romantic spots to choose from. Hawaii: The Hawaiian islands of Maui, Oahu, Big Island, Kauai, Molokai and Lanai offer some of the top romantic spots for couples who enjoy beaches, sun and palm trees. California: California is a paradise for couples, offering an array of resorts on the coast, in the wine country and mountain spots like Lake Tahoe.
ParisA? France: Coming to Paris for the first time, you will quickly realize that nothing prepared you for the timeless beauty of this ancient city.
Georgia: Sea Island in Georgia offers miles of sandy beaches, tennis, boating, golf, fishing and a luxurious spa. Vancouver, Canada: To get a good feel for Vancouver, start the discovery of this exciting modern, multi-ethnic and multicultural city by taking the Aquabus to Granville Island, where you will see everything that makes Vancouver what it is. Arizona: Arizona is famous for its sparkling pools, golf courses and full-service spas where you can spend your holiday getting in shape, taking tours and relaxing by the pool.
Aspen, CO: Passionate skiers will tell you that Aspen is in its full glory when the mountains are covered in snow and you can slide with your skis or snowboard between tall, stately aspens on the slopes of Ajax.
Portland, OR: Past and present, art and nature, beauty and industry are all seamlessly blended in Portland.
You can watch the entire proposal happen in this behind the scenes video by Joel VanZ Outdoor Wedding Films.
This website uses javascript to enhance your online experience, and many functions may not work without it. The sun dips towards the horizon, painting the sky a myriad of colours from pink and orange to purple and deep indigo while the haunting cry of the Fish Eagle floats in the air.
You have finally found “The One” and are ready to take the first step towards the biggest commitment of your life. Every couple is unique and one persons’ perfect romantic spot may be another’s idea of hell, so we have tried to choose at least one destination to suit everyone.
The long coastline of Africa has some of the most spectacular beaches in the world where you could go to ask the most important question of your life. The beautiful Pemba Island forms part of the Zanzibar archipelago in the acclaimed Spice Islands off the coast of Tanzania, and is just perfect for romance.
While Pemba Island is fairly rustic in character, North Island is sumptuous and the very last word in luxury – with a price tag to match!
Little Governors Camp in the incredible Maasai Mara National Park is a breathtaking setting for romance. The Serengeti National Park has several wonderfully romantic camps to tempt you, and it is hard to single out one of them! Greystoke Mahale on the banks of Lake Tanganyika is one of the most remote Lodges in the country – and one of the most romantic! The Okavango Delta is one of the most beautiful inland bodies of water in the world and is just teeming with wildlife. The Victoria Falls are the widest moving body of water in the world and one of the most extraordinary sights you will ever see! You have quite a few options here in remarkable Namibia; some people say that Dune 45 or Big Daddy in the stunning Sossusvlei is the most romantic place on earth, especially if you have climbed to the top before sunrise to see the sun lighting up the incredible colours of the desert landscape. The coastline of Cape Town is nothing less than spectacular, especially when seen from the top of the iconic Table Mountain. Join our 5167 safari enthusiasts and receive regular updates on all things Africa travel related. Discover thousands of images about Romantic Scavenger Hunt on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas.
My place is in your heart, my smile is in your smile, my success is in your joy; for living the life, I have enough things, I love the way you are and love me the same as you did in the past.

When I lean down my head on your shoulder, I can leave my all pains behind; when you give me a tight hug, I feel protected.
I didn't take her out to a nice restaurant, on a romantic walk along a beach, or pop the question during halftime at a major sporting event. After making the posts I hid in the next room (we live together) and waited for her to make a noise so I could jump out and do the whole "one knee" thing. These reactions range from well wishes to death threats- both on and off Reddit (but what doesn't get you death threats these days?).
In a general sense, there is no strong evidence to back up this stereotype other than its ubiquity in popular media.
The illustrations I commissioned will last the for rest of our lives; they serve as a tangible keepsake and a constantly-visible memory of the day I proposed. Should someone propose online and not expect griefers (trolls attempting to make you angry), one would have a shockingly low level of familiarity with the way the internet works.
In the end, asking someone to marry you should be a personal, unique, memorable experience. Her “type-A personality” has certainly proven useful when creating dream proposals where the stakes are extremely high. Here are some of the top things to keep in mind when planning your trip and choosing from the best vacation spots for couples. Room, suite and airline ticket prices are consistently lower during off-season and shoulder season which is the best time to look for affordable romantic weekend getaways.
This is the most important question when researching vacations for couples and the answer has to take into account your budget, length of vacation, your interests and time of travel. Since this is a special getaway, you will want to feel pretty (or handsome) which means that you should pack a combination of dresses for romantic dinners and comfy outfits for exploring and staying active during the day. While not everyone may like rose petals sprinkled on their bed, nearly everyone enjoys amenities like champagne, chocolate and freshly cut flowers in their room or suite. Most women will appreciate a well thought-out proposal in a romantic restaurant, on a secluded beach or high above the city.
If the idea of a big wedding has you running scared, there are many ways to get married while enjoying a romantic vacation as well. We see more and more complimentary vow renewal ceremonies in magical places like Maui, Hawaii and French Polynesia.
Depending on where you live, there are many amazing beach destination within a short flight or drive away.
Hotels and resorts offer many weekend packages that include accommodations in a romantic suite, candlelight dinner, rose petal turndown, couplesa€™ massages and other amenities to make you feel pampered from head to toe. For you, that may be palm trees on a white-sand beach, or drinks with a view of the sun setting in the Pacific Ocean. There are hundreds of islands in the Bahamas, some of which have been turned into amazing private island hideaways, perfect for couples on their honeymoon or romantic getaway.
There are resorts of all sizes, ranging from under 50 guest rooms to well over 500, letting you choose just the right setting for your romantic getaway. You can plan a romantic long weekend getaway to the islands from the West Coast, play a round of golf, get a Lomi Lomi massage, watch a hula show and return to the office refreshed and ready for new challenges on Monday morning. Browse our California weekend getaways page for hundreds of ideas, both active and relaxing. Packed with galleries, restaurants, shops, parks and beaches, you will be flush with things to do. During the winter, get away to Phoenix or Scottsdale which offer warm weather and plenty of outdoor activities. Others will rhapsodize about the wild flower-covered valleys and endless vistas from the top of the Silver Queen Gondola. You can follow the history of the city in the magnificent colonial Pittock Mansion, where you can see the growth of Portland through the story of one prominent family. With so much inspiration for the wedding day out there, they wanted to go back to the very beginning of a love story and focus on the proposal. Now this is not something to be taken lightly and you need to make this day really special and utterly unforgettable. We will start with beach getaways, then move on to wildlife and wilderness destinations before ending with some places that are just simply sensationally beautiful and need nothing else to commend them.
Some examples are Kenya’s beautiful Watamu beach in the Malindi Marine Reserve, and Mozambique’s stunning Tofo Beach. The beaches of Pemba are pristine and mostly deserted, and the snorkelling and diving is just outstanding (you can learn to dive here). The island is reached by helicopter – (proposal opportunity??) and there are only 11 luxury villas on the island, ensuring privacy at all times. You reach the camp by a boat ride across the Mara River followed by an escorted walk through the riverine forest, so your game viewing starts before you even reach the camp. Serengeti Under Canvas is one of the most luxurious and is a mobile tented camp that means that your camp moves along with the migrating wildlife -this is an adventure like no other and will definitely get both your hearts racing! Here you can enjoy the beach or go swimming, kayaking or snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters of the lake. The place is just made for romance and there are so many options here for popping the question.
It costs you nothing but a few seconds of your time, and you can unsubscribe in a single click if it's not for you.
Frame the message in a beautiful way, adding your personal thoughts and make your husband feel the same way you feel for him.
After going through around 4,500 online artists, I selected those who I thought could add the most diversity to the collection and sent them an album featuring pictures of us as a couple, requesting that they use them for inspiration in a proposal-themed piece. The proposal itself happened in person; posting the pictures on Reddit was more equivalent to broadcasting "will you marry me" on a Jumbotron at a sports game, then getting down on one knee in the stands to pop the question. Public venues are common in popular proposal scenarios; even the most classic restaurant proposal intentionally incorporates strangers. While their styles and references may become dated to the general public, they will always bring us back to special moments in our relationship.
In creating my proposal, I tried to collect all of the most influential and iconic aspects of nerd and online cultures that were meaningful to our relationship (which is, admittedly, very nerdy in nature). The only effect the trolling had was to make it difficult to determine who had legitimate grievances, which defeated any negative effect those with real grievances may have had. Even many of those involved who poked fun at my actions, such as the individual who created a post which reached the top of the front page on Reddit joking about the proposal, sent us sincere and kindly worded messages. I hope that by sharing my experience, I may encourage others to think more about what their significant others would enjoy most, rather than what conventional wisdom prescribes. Armed with a Business degree, a no-nonsense attitude, and the drive to do whatever it takes to bring her client’s vision to life, she has successfully masterminded hundreds of perfect marriage proposals. Each destination has its peak times and down times, but generally the best time to go on a major vacation is in September, early November, the first two weeks in January, and April. If money is no object, you can fly to a secluded private island in Fiji, but if you are looking for something affordable, you should drive or take a quick flight to a destination with inexpensive accommodation options like Florida or Southern California. Bring your most comfortable shoes for walking and hiking a€“ many travelers make the mistake of breaking in new shoes on their holiday which will often end up spoiling your sightseeing plans. Many couples on their romantic vacation dona€™t want to worry about tipping and the cost of activities adding up to an amount that breaks the budget.
Cruises cater to couples celebrating their wedding anniversary, proposal or another special occasion.
Most remote island resorts offer packages that include an intimate ceremony, followed by a custom honeymoon filled with dinners under the stars, unforgettable strolls along the beach and a great choice of activities. If you don's see vow renewal packages mentioned on your chosen resort's web site, call the concierge who will give you the available options either on property or nearby.
In the summer, dona€™t discount lake beaches which offer many activities such as kayaking, swimming and fishing. There are many amazing places such as national park cabins, campgrounds, cozy B&Bs and inns where you can stay for under $100 per night.
If you dona€™t see a romantic vacation package on the web site of a particular hotel, call their reservations and ask what is available. Kamalame Cay offers all-inclusive pricing and just 11 guest accommodations which means that you will have the island almost entirely to yourself.
Some of the top five star romantic vacation resorts in Mexico include Esperanza on the Sea of Cortez, One & Only Palmilla in Baja California and Viceroy Riviera Maya. Carmel Valley is a hideaway for artists, celebrities and retired sports stars, offering a combination of wine tasting, dramatic views and luxurious spas. You can explore the island by bike, take romantic sunset walks on the beach, take a cooking class and try many other activities.

While on the island, make sure to visit the market, with fresh produce grown in the area and fresh fish brought in by the local fishermen. In the summer, the resorts offer excellent deals, but the weather is too hot and humid for outdoor activities.
Whether you are taking a photo of the mesmerizing Maroon Bells peaks as they are reflected in the Maroon Lake or are hiking the Rio Grande Trail to the John Denver Sanctuary to read his lyrics written on the stones, Aspen will take your breath away any time of the year. Portland Art Museum, established in 1892, is one of the countrya€™s oldest art museums and its collection of 42,000 objects spans the history of humanity from the antiquity to today. In this case, a very moody and romantic one that the bride-to-be would never forget, inspired by Beethoven’s Immortal Beloved letter.
There is nothing like a combination of incredible beauty with an infusion of mystery and excitement to set the scene for romance, and Africa has that heady combination by the truck-load, so if you are looking for the best place in the world to propose, come to Africa. Besides the ring – (and let’s hope you know the preferred style and the correct size!) - the next two vital things you should be considering are what you are going to say, and where you are going to say it. South Africa has 2,500km of coastline so there are literally hundreds of beaches – the most romantic of these would include Coffee Bay on the Wild Coast and Paternoster on the West Coast.
You even have a butler to help you plan the perfect proposal setting, put the bubbly on ice and cook the most sensational celebratory dinner! Your luxury ensuite tent has a private deck overlooking the natural waterhole which is frequented by many animals. There are always opportunities for privacy and the camp will be happy to arrange the perfect setting for your proposal.
But the main draw-card of this camp is the opportunity to go Chimpanzee trekking in the dense surrounding jungle. There are several outstanding Lodges in the Okavango for your adventure; choose from Stanley’s Camp, Jao Camp or Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge, among others.
You could take a walk to Danger Point and propose against the backdrop of wonderful Mosi-oa-Tunya – the smoke that thunders, or get on your knee during a private candle-lit dinner under the stars. If you crave isolation and privacy check into the Wolwedans Dune Camp in the NamibRand Nature Reserve to experience the magic of a private night spent with the love of your life under the stars in the Namib Desert.
If you found the perfect place to pop the question in Africa we would like to hear all about it.
Bridget is passionate about travel to all corners of the globe and loves to learn about foreign cultures, cuisines and people. Express your desire and wishes with a romantic proposal message that present your emotion nicely.
For example, both of us would generally be considered extremely professionally successful, attractive, and socially competent.
If you go back to the sports game proposal, the scenario plays out in front of thousands of strangers. Moreover, commissioning artists allowed us to give back to the online art community and hopefully encourage others to consider art commissioned from sites like DeviantART as part of a romantic gift. Resort prices are lower mid-week, while city hotel rooms and airfare are the highest then because of business travelers. To make sure that you are planning the ideal trip for you, consider your likes and dislikes a€“ is having access to many restaurants and cafes more important than resort activities like sailing and scuba diving?
In the summer, pack sunglasses, a good hat and UV clothing to keep your skin protected from strong sun. If thata€™s the case with you, look for all inclusive specials at resorts in the Caribbean, Hawaii, Florida, Europe, Thailand, Bali and other romantic destinations.
From New York, Boston, Philadelphia and other East Coast cities, get away to Cape Cod, Marthaa€™s Vineyard, Nantucket, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Upstate New York and Rhode Island. Save some money for a day pass to a plush resort spa, a tasty dinner and tickets to an outdoor theater performance.
More often than not, you will be able to add on special romantic amenities and customize your stay to make it a memorable one. When you check into one of these places, you will get amazing oceanview accommodations, gourmet cuisine, luxurious spa treatments and access to a fabulous sandy beach. You can be as relaxed or as active as you wish: go hiking in a volcano, take a surfing lesson in Waikiki, bike down Haleakala, or simply relax in a lounge chair on the oceana€™s edge from sunrise to sundown.
Napa Valley vineyards are world-famous, offering wine and cheese tasting, scenic biking and more amazing spas. Of course you have to climb Eifel Tower, it is not only the symbol of Paris, but is truly majestic.
Stay by the water and take a walk along the Seawall, a waterfront path that goes from the Vancouver Convention Centre to Spanish Banks Park, offering great views of the whole city. If you are going mostly for spa treatments and great dining, grab a deal and plan a luxury vacation for less in the summer.
You can see the other side of Aspen at the 1889 Wheeler Opera House or at the summer Aspen Music Festival and School. Portland Japanese Gardens, a testament to the citya€™s close link to Japan, will take your breath away with its timeless, peaceful beauty.
The Maasai Mara reserve offers unparalleled Big Five game viewing and one of the most incredible ways to observe some of the action is on a Hot-Air Ballooning safari – what an unforgettable way to propose!
This is a really unique and exciting African experience for adventure-seeking nature lovers and will definitely set the scene for an unusual and unforgettable proposal. Propose on a Mokoro (a dugout canoe) safari while Hippos and Elephants splash around nearby – (just don’t drop the ring)!
Once you have the proposal out of the way you can safely lock up the ring and get both your hearts pounding as you White-water raft the great Zambezi River or try a death-defying Bungee. All the better if you would like to share your special photos with us to encourage all our readers to come to Africa and find the Perfect Place to Propose.
This fictional straw man neckbeard is a character that has been created to protect an individual's pride when he or she is teased by a member of the online community or is looking for an excuse to dismiss some aspect of online culture. Proposing over Reddit made it possible for me to both propose in front of a large audience and also maintain the privacy of asking my now-fiancee to marry me at home. If you are driving, pick a great resort nearby and check in Sunday through Thursday to get the cheapest rate as well as additional amenities such as free massages and complimentary breakfast. If you are looking for spa weekend getaways, it's a good idea to check for all-inclusive offers. Couples who love cruises are attracted to this type of vacation because they can see many destinations in a short span of time while having access to an array of facilities, activities and tours. From LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento and other West Coast cities, get away to the coast of California where you can explore charming towns, beaches and forests.
For more romantic weekend getaway ideas, check vacation rentals which can be quite affordable also and let you prepare your own meals to save money. Always look for packages before you book, whether you are planning a last minute trip or booking well ahead of time. Climb the Vancouver Lookout Tower on top of the Harbour Centre building to see the whole city and the surrounding mountain. Visit historic Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, located in Portlanda€™s Cultural District, to catch a performance of the Oregon Symphony. Whether you are the action-adventure type, prefer solitude and privacy or love all the bells-and-whistles attention of a luxury resort, you will be able to find it here in Africa. If your better half wants to get in a few rounds of golf and you want to relax at the spa, find a package that will let both of you get what you want. There are so many different cruise options that you can go on a quick weekend sail to the Caribbean or a longer journey to Mediterranean, Panama Canal or Asia. Couples may decide to return to the resort where they celebrated their honeymoon years before. There are many amazing romantic weekend getaways in the North West, on the East Coast, the South, Southwest, Texas, California and other U.S. Go see Mona Lisa at the Louvre and the sculpture of the Thinker at the Rodina€™s museum, a visit to Paris would not be complete without them. Visit The Museum of Anthropology to learn about the British Columbia First Nations and The Museum of Vancouver to learn about the citya€™s origins. If you feel like you are running out of time, trust Architectural Heritage Center Tours or Pedal Bike Tours to show you as much of Portland as possible in a short time, from the insidersa€™ perspective. Treat yourself with a bit of pampering at the Breathe Spa in the elegant historic Rogers Building.

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