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In your quiet moments, what do you think about?  How far you’ve come, or how far you have to go?  Your strengths, or your weaknesses?  The best that might happen, or the worst that might come to be?  In your quiet moments, pay attention to your thoughts.  Because maybe, just maybe, the only thing that needs to shift in order for you to experience more happiness, more love, and more vitality, is your way of thinking. Here are 60 thought-provoking quotes and life lessons gathered from our book and our blog archive that will help you adjust your way of thinking. Too many people buy things they don’t need with money they don’t have to impress people they don’t know.  Read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.
If a person wants to be a part of your life, they will make an obvious effort to do so.  Think twice before reserving a space in your heart for people who do not make an effort to stay. The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too.
As we grow up, we realize it becomes less important to have more friends and more important to have real ones.

Making a hundred friends is not a miracle.  The miracle is to make a single friend who will stand by your side even when hundreds are against you. Giving up doesn’t always mean you’re weak, sometimes it means you are strong enough and smart enough to let go and move on. True love isn’t about being inseparable; it’s about two people being true to each other even when they are separated. You can learn great things from your mistakes when you aren’t busy denying them.  Read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Every single thing that has ever happened in your life is preparing you for a moment that is yet to come.
There isn’t anything noble about being superior to another person.  True nobility is in being superior to the person you once were. You will never become who you want to be if you keep blaming everyone else for who you are now. Love is not about sex, going on fancy dates, or showing off.  It’s about being with a person who makes you happy in a way nobody else can.
Anyone can come into your life and say how much they love you.  It takes someone really special to stay in your life and show how much they love you.
Love and appreciate your parents.  We are often so busy growing up, we forget they are also growing old. When you have to start compromising yourself and your morals for the people around you, it’s probably time to change the people around you. No matter how good or bad you have it, wake up each day thankful for your life.  Someone somewhere else is desperately fighting for theirs.
Learn to appreciate the things you have before time forces you appreciate the things you once had. If you tell the truth, it becomes a part of your past.  If you lie, it becomes a part of your future.
What you do every day matters more than what you do every once in a while.  Read The Power of Habit. Your inspiring and awakening thoughts brought back all the painful memories and perhaps those few stupid choices I made in the past..
So inspiring, i’ve always loved your quotes, they make my life meaningful, continue feeding our hungry souls. These quotes were amazing and I thought that, I couldn’t live a happy life but now I can. Believe it or not, there is more to watering glass than just pointing a garden hose at the grass and spraying water. Even those who plan on doing their own yard work can learn valuable lessons from landscapers.

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I have learned a lot from these quotes and will try to apply them on me and lead a positive life. I never thought a few quotes could change my heart so much… these are some amazingly inspirational wisdom quotes! They help me think positively, an remarkable things happen if you think positively: financial currencies are solved, relationships are established, moral is raised, and even incurable diseases have been recovered-from. If a person truly enjoys working in their yard, they don’t really care how much time they spend landscaping. Those who have trouble getting around might enjoy using a riding mower even if they don’t have an extremely large property to maintain. It’s an amazing world of abundance for people who stay happy and optimistic, and these sayings are helping a lot of other people to do that. The reason for this is due to the fact that the sun can cause water to evaporate on hot days.
Such people can really benefit by hiring Northeast Horticultural Services or another company to complete landscaping tasks for them. If a property owner has enough money, they can install an automated sprinkler system to make thins much easier.

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