For viewers that are subscribed to you though, when they go to your channel home page, they will not see your channel trailer, only suggestions on what to watch next and groupings of your videos created either by YouTube (most recent) or by you (playlists!). This gives you a really awesome opportunity to knock out a video designed specifically to introduce yourself to new viewers. Also make sure that you regularly (every month at least) review your channel trailer to see if you need to update it to reflect how your channel has evolved, or changes in your upload schedule.
If you don’t want to make a special video for your channel trailer, use a video that people consistently view through entirely, and that is representative of your best work. Feel free to check us out on Twitter and join in the discussion both on the blog and on Facebook.
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In the book, I reference a great article in the New York Times from a few years ago about Marcus Sheridan of River Pools & Spas.
But, after reading the article and being in the business of content marketing for many years now, what I realize is that, as crazy as it sounds, it really is revolutionary – or innovative, or differentiating, or whatever other word you want to use to describe it.
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You know those moments when a coworker is being so outrageously frustrating, you’re sure steam is about to start billowing from your ears like you’re an actual cartoon character? Adopting this tactic can ultimately make both your life and your coworkers’ lives markedly better.
This video is often created and then forgotten, or ignored completely by creators, but it is the best tool you have to get new subscribers and new views. It introduces you and your unique content to viewers, and lets them know what to expect from you. So make the time to create a short channel trailer, and make sure to tell viewers who you are, why you have a channel, what to expect, and when you will be uploading new videos.
If it looks way more polished or has a completely different feel than your regular content, viewers will feel deceived and may end up unsubscribing. Don’t forget to actually tell people to subscribe either; that call to action is much more powerful than you often realize! I started ELO Coach with the intent to offer the Ultimate ELO Boost and League of Legends Services Resource. Avoid that post-send feeling of regret by getting all your feelings out there, but not actually sending the message out into the digital universe.

For someone who is not currently subscribed to your channel, your channel trailer is front and center on your channel’s home page, and it’s probably what they will watch first, or second if they found your channel page through one of your videos. You can also capitalize on the free Garen from Twitter, Tristanta from Facebook, and Alistar from Youtube for even more potential. Once you have cooled down, reread it and determine if it will help to resolve the situation, or make it worse," said Crawford. Get your lol account here: lvl 30 lol account All accounts are delivered quickly directly to your official PayPal email.
If you have any questions, you can simply add CoachBoost to skype and we will be happy to help! Write reviews on your own products, or have others review your products and post those on your site…the good and the bad.

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